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Candles Scents and Design

Updated on November 14, 2014

Luv The Lingering Scents of Candles

Shopping for candles, is a delightful way to spend your time. It may or may not take awhile, just looking and buying a richly satisfying soy or beeswax candle or candles. Natural candles are in demand and very popular.

Wander down the isle, to look and choose, at the wide display of the candles being sold. The diversity of candles made should satisfy anyone for the use for their home or office d├ęcor. The scent, and aroma is so distinctive, makes a person wonder how these scents can be so distinguished

The fall of the year, you will find, a variety of fall candles to select from as scents of fruits and spices. More candles, as well, have bakery assortment scents, which brings to mind the thanksgiving memories and soon to come, family dinner tradition, celebrating together with a home made pie just fresh from the oven.

The seasonal candles, are sold year round, I am sure, but when that special time of the year approaches, there is more attention drawn.

Christmas candles are Traditional

The traditional Christmas seasonal candle line, of course, a scented and/or designed candle spread. The candles hold a scent that lingers and treasured are the designed candles made specifically for the holiday.

The evergreen, spruce or pine candles, has the scent of freshly cut trees, as traditions has it, bringing in a fresh Christmas tree, fresh garland (made from tree branches) or wreath, for the Christmas decorations. The thought of the trip home, just does not get there quick enough, when a purchase is made, to light the wick on the tree scented candle, to have that fresh scent throughout your home, before the tree or wreath is actually brought home.

Leaving one thinking that these candles must be made exclusively with the best of fragrance blends.

Depending on the type of scent or design one enjoys, depends on what scent or design one should buy; either for yourself or as a gift.

Things to consider, the shelf is very low on a particular scented or designed candle, message is this candle is very popular. Check with a sales clerk, if there are any in stock to bring out to the store shelf.

Tapered candles are beautiful, if one has the right candle holder to compliment the taper. There are votive, tealights and pillar candles, which have one or more wicks.There are those candles that come in a jar or container.

Whatever kind of candle one decides to buy, there is flame involved, caution is taken.

Candles are beautiful, designed, scented, welcomed as a gift. They can be decorative or homemade,( if one knows how to make them) and they can be dramatic. Candles can be flameless.

There should be a candle to match, whatever works for you.


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    • Bidd Waxx profile image

      Barb Schindel 3 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you, we as well, enjoy the scent. Have a wonderful sunday

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 3 years ago from Georgia

      I love scented candles. I almost always one or two burning. Voted up!