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Canon EF-S Macro Lens - Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Is One Of a Kind

Updated on September 26, 2010

Canon EF-S Macro Lens

This is Canon's ONLY EF-S macro lens
This is Canon's ONLY EF-S macro lens

This may come as a surprise to you. I know it was a surprise to me, but are you aware that Canon EF-S macro lenses come in only one make and model? That's right, there is only one Canon EF-S Macro lens, and it's a 60mm focal length. But perhaps one is enough; it is a really great lens.

I spend a lot of time and energy researching before buying. Truth is, I love the process... sometimes the hunt is more exciting than the purchase.

That doesn't mean that I am a pro. You see, not every single photographer is a professional. I am certainly not a pro, just an avid photographer.

However I love my personal Canon EOS 30D. And, even though my camera is not a pro dslr camera, I have managed to get some truly great photos with it. I have even won some honors on different websites as "photograph of the day".

I have assembled a small collection of lenses in my camera bag. There are a couple of zoom lenses to cover all focal lengths from 18mm to 300mm. It is good to be able to get wide angle and telephoto at certain times when the situation calls for a specific length.

But, without a doubt, I love the prime lenses. Those are the ones with a single focal length. The images are always crisp and clear.

A Macro Lens should be Single Focal Length!

Macro photo of a Clematis bloom
Macro photo of a Clematis bloom
Underside of a mushroom - tough shot without a macro lens
Underside of a mushroom - tough shot without a macro lens

Looking for lenses for my own Canon dslr brought me to check out the Canon EF-S macro lens option. I find that EF-S lenses work extremely good, simply because they are produced especially for my type of camera. If you own a Canon Rebel, any model, or any of the XXD Canon cameras, you could use these particular lenses on your current dslr camera.

The technology has been specifically targeted for dslr cameras with a APS-C sensor (this is the sensor that is in the entry-level to mid-level digital slr cameras referred to above).

To my shock, there is only one Canon EF-S macro lens offered. It is a dedicated macro, single focal length (that means "prime") lens, the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM.. You can take photos of really small objects, bugs, flowers, and all manner of little things. Close-up photography is the main contributing factor for why I actually moved from a point and shoot camera to my very first Canon Rebel.

So, discovering a macro lens for my Rebel was huge on my priority list. I considered the entire collection of lenses, some of which have a value as high as the camera alone... I couldn't afford them.

I decided on the Canon EF-S 60mm lens while reading the evaluations and user comments regarding it.

Happiness is Found In a Macro Lens!

"Portraits" of animals are a snap with a 60mm macro lens
"Portraits" of animals are a snap with a 60mm macro lens
Corn Macro using home-made light-box
Corn Macro using home-made light-box
Morning Glory - up close and personal
Morning Glory - up close and personal
This is what Macro is all about!
This is what Macro is all about!

I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, but this was not one of them. I consider this lens my finest one, not simply because of the macro photos it generates, but also due to the fact it manages other sorts of images well, too. As an example, whenever I want to snap a portrait of one of the grandkids, the Canon EF-S macro lens is my personal pick. It is the perfect focal length to get professional type portraits.

I fool around with product shots in my garage where I set up a very crude lightbox, and the 60mm macro is my lens for that, too.

It does not handle landscapes very well, and on trips to the ball park, there is going to be a different lens on my Canon DSLR, but even though the lens is not perfect for all photos, I find that the Canon EF-S macro lens manages the majority of of my serious work with terrific success.

On top of that, if I plan to advance to a newer camera (the Canon 7D is looking really good, and negotiations on terms with my better half have started), the EF-S lenses will work just fine.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of macro photography. And in my personal experience, I discovered that the Canon 60mm has truly accomplished the job effectively. It has an exceptional wide aperture of f/2.8 to produce fast shutter speeds for those elusive bugs and butterflies. It also yields a nice blurred background, the goal of a decent macro photograph. The USM (ultra sonic motor) provides speedy focus, again, nailing the bug shots with a great "keeper" rate.

I would not be reluctant to endorse a Canon EF-S macro 60mm lens to any Canon camera user. It is an amazing lens.


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