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Canon PowerShot SD 1300 IS Review

Updated on September 7, 2010

The All new Canon PowerShot SD1300

An Excellent Digital Device

The need was felt to write an article and review about this newest model Powershot from Canon. I have purchased only Power Shot cameras since the digital camera age has dawned, and I absolutely love them. I have however, used plenty of other digital cameras my friends own. Some are decent, some horrible. None I liked better than my very own Canon.

I have written this to introduce people to the new Power Shot as it is, in my humble yet brilliant opinion, the best digital camera for the money out there. I have put together a readers poll, reviews, camera features as well as many pictures to help you get assimilated with this fine device. Your opinion is valuable to me, and I would love to know what you think about this article, the Canon PowerShot, or other cameras you believe are note-worthy.

The PowerShot SD 1300 includes:

All the features included with the Canon Powershot 1300 IS Model.
All the features included with the Canon Powershot 1300 IS Model.

I am no expert, but....

I compiled a few shots I took personally with my Canon Powershot 1300. The pictures captured are rich, crisp, bright and true-to-life! It will make you seem like a professional photographer! I hope you enjoy the images below!

Examples of the quality Lens

Some cool looking Flower
Some cool looking Flower
Dogwood Trunk
Dogwood Trunk
Soil Sample :)
Soil Sample :)

My Favorite Features

Although it isn't a new feature, the image stabilization setting on the Canon PowerShot is incredibly effective. There are many other model cameras that claim to have this feature as well, but leave many customers frustrated with performance.

The Canon PowerShot SD 1300 IS lives up to its claim with the stabilization feature as you can take a picture in a fast-moving car (not driving obviously), and the picture comes out clear as day! I was incredibly impressed with this cameras functionality!

*Other notable features include:

Excellent Battery Life

Very Compact

Light weight

12.1 Mega Pixel Photo quality (More than most of us will ever need)

Great 2.7" LCD Screen

A poll for the readers

What are your thoughts on Canon Digital Cameras?

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What are your thoughts on this product? I would love some feedback. Thanks for reading.

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