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Canon Powershot S90 Review

Updated on June 16, 2010
Canon Powershot S90
Canon Powershot S90

High End Digital Compact

Whilst digital SLR cameras receive lots of consideration due to their lower prices and greater camera controls, there is still a demand for high-end digital compact cameras.

Enter the Canon Powershot S90, a fully point and shoot camera with practically all the control of a digital SLR camera. It is an alternate to several quality point and shoot models that have a tendency to look more like professional models in line and design. This exceptional camera was designed to be the total compact model.

There are two separate groups of photographers who will be excited about this little package of photographic technology.

First, there is the advancing enthusiastic amateur who is just about ready for the Digital SLR. She wants to experiment with camera features and controls that are unavailable on less professional models to build up a good feeling of what these controls are able to do and how to use them.

The second group is the DSLR owner, either an sophisticated amateur or a pro photographer, who is looking for a great pocket model. These are men and women who under no circumstances want to neglect a photographic experience of any kind, no matter if their DSLR camera is not easily available.

 The Canon Powershot S90 has the look and feel of a truly compact camera, the kind that most folks carry around in their pocket or purse. And, although it looks like a typical digital compact, it is anything but.

Here is the standard feature set of the Canon Powershot S90:

  •    New 10-megapixel High Sensitivity System; DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • Improved low-light image performance, plus a Low Light scene mode for ISO settings up to 12,800
  • Customizable control ring for easy access and operation of manual or other creative shooting settings
  • Wide-angle 3.8x optical zoom with Canon's Optical Image Stabilizer; bright f/2.0 lens

But wait, there's more! Here is the "goods" that really sets this camera so far above the pack of "regular" digital compacts.

  1. Extensive photographic feature set - more professional than typical point and shoot cameras
  2. New Function Ring for easy access of the advanced manual controls
  3. Usable, fast RAW mode with excellent software supplied (RAW, an alternative to JPEG, is the choice of all advanced photographers)
  4. Highly customizable - normal digital cameras have single creative selections, but the S90 is customizable in the same sense as high end DSLR cameras.

This quote from a Canon S90 owner sums up the feelings of many satisfied owners: "You get what you pay for and if you want the best pocket size camera on the market, look no further than the S90."

Test shot with a Canon Powershot S90 - from takuhitosotome's photostream on Flickr - low light photos are no problem with this camera!
Test shot with a Canon Powershot S90 - from takuhitosotome's photostream on Flickr - low light photos are no problem with this camera!


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