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Alstroemeria Flower Pictures: Aka Peruvian Lily Plus FAQs

Updated on January 19, 2022
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My grandpa loved gardening. I learned much from him. To this day I enjoy puttering around in our garden, growing plants for beauty and food.

Alstroemeria Flowers
Alstroemeria Flowers | Source

Flower Gifts

Many people invited to a friend's home for dinner wish to take something to show their appreciation. It would seem, for time immemorial, that flowers are one choice as a perfect gift. These flower gifts seem to fit any occasion. Most everyone likes a gift of pretty flowers unless, for some reason, they are allergic to them. Flowers complement almost any décor.

My husband and I have a special friend who has brought us beautiful blooming alstroemeria flower bouquets on numerous occasions. When she found out how long they lasted and how long they graced our home with their gorgeous colors, she has sought to seek out more alstroemeria cut flowers and gift us with them several times and often in different color combinations.

Now we are starting to associate the alstroemeria flower gifts with this particular friend simply because of the frequency of her thoughtful gifts. This post will showcase some photos of those alstroemeria flower beauties, along with some pertinent information.

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Alstroemeria | Source
Alstroemeria | Source
Alstroemeria | Source
Alstroemeria | Source

Peruvian Lily

There is another name for the flower called alstroemeria. In addition to Peruvian lily, it is also sometimes called a Lily of the Incas. These names would have come naturally as this perennial flowering plant is a native of South America.

Many of the plants delivered to flower shops, grocery stores, and other places that sell fresh cut flowers come from crosses between the more than one-hundred and twenty species of these flower plants coming primarily from the countries of Peru, Chile, and Brazil.

Alstroemeria video shows different colors and types.

Growing Alstroemerias

Truthfully this is one flower that I have never tried growing but might have to give it a try one of these days. It does not sound that difficult.

It naturally grows in central Chile, Peru, and eastern Brazil in opposite seasons (Chile in the winter months and Brazil in the summer). If one provides the right amount of sun or part sunlight and well-drained soil, this bulbous perennial plant could provide some gorgeous blooms in the summertime for many people.

Provide enough water and humidity, and then be prepared to harvest one's blooms for vases in the house or merely admire the plant as grown in the ground or tubs or pots on the patio.

It grows one to three feet tall and from one to two feet wide so allow plenty of room for it to spread.

Of the many hybrids, colors such as lavender, red, purple, white, yellows, oranges, apricot, and pinks are available, plus striations of colors in each blossom.

I found a couple of informative videos on how the alstroemeria flowers are grown and gathered for the cut flowers or kept dead-headed in the garden. Watch the videos and be amazed!

Prolonging Flower Blooms

So many cut flowers have a short time that they remain pretty after being arranged in a vase of water. Of course, some methods can extend the life of cut flowers, and some florists include a packet of something to be mixed with the water when hydrating the flowers. I have never seen a label as to what is in those mysterious packets, but they seem to work.

Some things to do to extend the life of cut flowers like alstroemerias (as well as other types of flowers) besides changing the water and refreshing it every couple of days are some of the following which can be added to the water if not given a packet from the florist:

  • Add a crushed aspirin tablet.
  • A few drops of household bleach plus a teaspoon or two of sugar.
  • Believe it or not, some people use a multi-vitamin!

But the most beautiful thing about purchasing alstroemeria flowers or receiving them as gifts is that they last much longer than many other cut flowers with or without those additives added to the water.

On average, one can expect just about two weeks of vase life when having alstroemeria flowers in one's home. When first acquired, the buds are not fully open, and with the passing days, they get more beautiful as they continue to open. So, if wishing to give a more long-lasting gift, think of picking up some alstroemeria flowers the next time one is shopping for cut flowers.

Thoughtful Gift

Thanks to our friend, we have now had many different colors of alstroemeria flowers in our Houston home at various times. It was fun taking photos of these thoughtful gifts, and if you, the reader, were unfamiliar with these flower beauties, hopefully, you are now better acquainted.

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Alstroemeria flowersA Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of pink blush alstroemeria flowers. A Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of alstroemeria flowers.Lavender Alstroemeria flowersAlstroemeria flowersLavender Alstroemeria flowersLavender Alstroemeria flowersPink Blush Alstroemeria bouquetAlstroemeria flowers
Alstroemeria flowers
Alstroemeria flowers | Source
A Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of pink blush alstroemeria flowers. A Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of alstroemeria flowers.
A Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of pink blush alstroemeria flowers. A Dr. Robert Rogan painting is on the wall behind a vase of alstroemeria flowers. | Source
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers | Source
Alstroemeria flowers
Alstroemeria flowers | Source
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers | Source
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers
Lavender Alstroemeria flowers | Source
Pink Blush Alstroemeria bouquet
Pink Blush Alstroemeria bouquet | Source
Alstroemeria flowers
Alstroemeria flowers | Source

Are you familiar with alstroemeria flowers?

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Enjoy some macro-photography accompanied by music in this video.


From ProFlowers: Astroemeria Overview and Care Guide

From Costa Farms: Alstroemeria

From Martha Stewart: How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Peggy Woods


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