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Card Magazine Secrets

Updated on June 6, 2017
Card magazine bundle ideas and tips
Card magazine bundle ideas and tips

Card Magazine Secrets-Getting Started

Have you ever seen those card magazines in you local craft store or on the internet? They come in a plastic bag and they have loads of little goodies inside. Have you ever wondered what they are all about? Let's uncover the secrets inside that magazine bundle.

First thing to know is that the average price for this bundle is about $16.99 US. that might sound a little pricey, but as we uncover what is inside, you may just find out that it is a real bargain.

I can tell you from experience that all experience levels can use this bundle. If you are a beginner, this is an easy way to begin homemade greeting cards. If you a more experienced crafter, you will find this bundle has lots of creative opportunity.

You can buy these as single issues or as a subscription. Generally the subscriptions are less per issue. If you take a subscription, there is often an extra gift.

Many of the magazines are from England, but have distributors in the US.

Some of the magazines have websites where you cam download free printables, paper and get more ideas. Some of them have some giveaways and contests too. I bookmark my favorites.

I am not here to sell you any of these magazines....just to show you what's available

Differences Between Different Card Magazines

I like card and paper craft magazines. I get lots of inspiration from them. The standard magazines have great projects. And I can always use the cards they show for their sketches. But a lot of times, these projects use stamps, dies and other supplies that I don't have.

I don't know about you, but my crafting time is precious. So I want to make the most of it. What I have found is that the magazines that are bundled with freebies are much better- time and design wise. I can get a lot of mileage from the paper and the card forms that they supply. Plus since they have most often given me either a stamp set, a die or an embossing folder, I can repeat the designs later on. And I can craft my initial batch of cards quickly.

Save On The Price

If you have a 40% off coupon for your craft store or use the Tuesday senior citizens discount in Michaels you even get more off

So What's In The Bundle?

The card magazine that I am using is called Making Special Cards. Most of the card magazine bundles are pretty much the same, though the contents can vary from issue to issue.

The Magazine- The core of the bundle is the card magazine. It is rich with card projects. Each card project is illustrated and has detailed instructions how to construct each card

Patterned Papers-These are themed papers that match the other elements. There are generally two themes to each pack. That makes it easy to make cards.

Embellishments- Matching the papers, these embellishments are themed.

Stamps-Nice little stamp set to match the other parts. These will include images and sentiments. Though they are not very large, they are good for cards

Card Forms And Envelopes -These are smaller card forms with matching envelopes. They are in color and are meant to match the patterned papers

Pretty complete package

Other magazine offer stamp sets, cutting dies or stencils. It depends on the issue.

Your bundle comes with lots of embellishments
Your bundle comes with lots of embellishments

You can also make gift tags ! Most of the issues have several ideas to make them

What You Need From Your Stash

There are just a few things that you will need to create the cards from this product. Most of them you should have in your craft space.

  • Double Sided Tape- You will want to have some good double sided tape to adhere the patterned paper to your card stock
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors-Used to cut the patterned paper to size
  • Foam Dots- Used to make some of the embellishments pop up
  • Heavy White Cardstock- Used in some designs. I also found that I could make a lot of extra cards with the left overs, so I used extra cardstock
  • Ink Pads- Black is the best to use
  • Acrylic Blocks or the Misti Tool- Used to stamp images
  • Colored Pencils or Markers- For coloring the stamped image

Optional Supplies:

  • Ribbon- Adds a little to your designs
  • Gems/Sequins- Just a little bling
  • Washi-Tape-Defines areas
  • Embossing Powder- if you want to emboss with the stamps
  • Embossing Ink Pad- Used in the embossing process

Use a glitter pen to highlight areas of your cards

Switch things around a bit to make your own design
Switch things around a bit to make your own design

Cut a Mat around your embellishment to add more depth to your card

Pop Dots-Favoite Tool

I love to elevate some of the elements on my cards. So I tend to use a lot Pop Dots. It gives dimension to my cards. They are very economical to use. You only need one or two per card. They are a little foam piece that has adhesive on both sides. You simply secure them to the underside of the piece, and then peel off the other cover and adhere it to your card.

What To Do With Leftovers

I keep my leftover paper and embellishments in a zip lock bag so that I have them to create more cards

The Bottom Line

So, here is the bottom line for me. In the last two issues of this magazine,( that cost me $16.99 each issue, ) I was able to make 24 cards from each issue and they were nice cards. That is a cost of about 70 cents per card. I still had paper left over, so I could probably make 4-5 more cards. I still had patterned paper left over. And I retained the stamp set. Plus I have the magazine to refer back to for designs with other papers. Considering the stamp set alone, I feel that I get my money's worth. For me it is well worth the price.

How The Comaprison Costs Look

Cost Of Magazine Bundle
Componenets Value
Magazine -7.00
Stamp Set-9.00
Cards & Envelopes $3.00
Paper 4.00
Based on estimates for demonstration purposes. You might wonder how they do it? My guess is like any kit, they buy in bulk
Most issues have ideas and components to make birthday, get well and thank you cards. Some issues include sympathy cards
Most issues have ideas and components to make birthday, get well and thank you cards. Some issues include sympathy cards

Have You Ever Purchased A Card Magazine?

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 11 months ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thanks Diana. I started finding these in Joann's. I used two issues before I started writing about them. I really had fun with them and wanted to pass some information.

    • profile image

      Diana Abrahamson 11 months ago

      Everything card makers need in one place. Love all the colourful photos too!