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How to Draw Boxing Champ Cartoon Muscle Body

Updated on April 14, 2012

To draw a cartoon character you have to think about its look. The character I've selected here to draw is a Boxing Champion. So, I have to follow the look that a boxer should have i.e. muscular body, wearing boxing gloves, costume and special boots. The character should have aggressive face and posing like a champion.

Face | Source

Step 1

Draw a face suitable for the selected character. I have chosen one from the collection I have already drawn. This face gives a healthier person look which is the requirement of our character.

Here is the face that I have selected from the above 3 options, you can select what you think is better. The expressions of this face are aggressive to present a champion. More aggression can be added by changing the mouth and eyebrows.

Step 2

Since it is going to be a Boxer so it must has muscular biceps and arms. Here I also added a drawing of a builder's arm with more detail from a blog I visited during my study to prepare this hub. But I just have drawn simplest lines to show maximum possible look of muscular arms. Hands, simply draw shapes representing boxing gloves that do not need any detail but just a thumb.

Step 3

The main body, chest and abdomen. Drawing cartoons at initial stage do not need to draw detailed body with six packs etc. I just gave this character a healthy look which I think is minimum required with a wrestling costume with tight shorts.

Step 4

Now draw thigh with the same sense as biceps and arms were drawn. Keep knees a bit bended. Do not bother about the symmetry of the body as it is a cartoon not a perfect drawing even reasonable difference between the legs, arms or eyes is acceptable because sometimes this type of errors make the character funnier. Like in this drawing you can see the difference between sizes of arms and legs that the legs are bigger than those of arms but still it does not affect the drawing.

Step 5

Draw boost. Typical boxer's boot, high ankle with plenty of lases.

That's it! the least drawing to get a cartoon sketch of a Boxing champion. More details can be drawn to get a fine sketch. Like the following cartoon drawing is of a heavy weight champion with some more details.

Heavy Weight Champion
Heavy Weight Champion | Source

Hope this whole lesson will give you enough sense of drawing some similar cartoon characters. All the best.


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