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Flowers For The Cemetary

Updated on June 11, 2013
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The Setting

It is a beautiful cemetery with rolling hills, green grass, and tall lush trees. The graveside service was memorable in this peaceful setting. As we laid my Mom-In-Love to rest in the family plot in Southern Missouri, I could feel cool breezes gently blow the heat of the day away. My heart said Rest In Peace.

There were some gorgeous flowers sent by family and friends which decorated the casket and covered area for the service. The roses are absolutely beautiful in that area of our country. They were enormous in size and vibrant in color. The wreaths of flowers added a bit of cheer to the serious atmosphere surrounding these last few minutes. The family purchased a large arrangement of yellow roses to cover the casket. In addition, a friend of the family brought an artificial saddle arrangement for the family stone.

As part of our goodbye, we each threw a yellow rose onto the casket before it was covered. Those flowers spoke volumes to us as we tucked Mom into her new location for her well deserved rest.

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The Bigger Picture

While we were enjoying those beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, I took note of the surrounding graves and stones. Vases of artificial flowers were scattered across the vast terrain leaving evidence of a recent visit from a loved one. Metal containers or urns are set into the ground to hold these arrangements in place. A sign at the front entrance reminds visitors of the guidelines for leaving flowers.

While observing nearby arrangements more closely, I came to the conclusion that most of the flowers were faded and probably purchased at a Dollar Store. For lack of a better phrase, they looked cheap.

Now I realize that sun, wind and rain are hard on the flowers, however these flowers were not much to begin with. There is a huge market for quality flowers that weather well. With the advanced materials in existence today, can't we decorate our family graves with something more appealing? To grasp the number of cemeteries in existence across America and realize that beautiful and affordable artificial flowers have a market today might inspire someone who is creative to step up to the challenge and produce artifical flowers for graves that will no longer embarrass our meager attempts to remember our loved ones.

To see these inadequate arrangements is comparable to looking at a beautiful house with the washer and dryer displayed on the front porch. Yes they are useful, but not in good taste. I would rather leave the grave site alone with its green lush grass and beautiful trees as a backdrop than settle for something as unnatural as dime store artificial flowers. I will continue on my quest to find a more reasonable solution to grave side decor. Decorators arise!


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