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Chalk Markers – A Revolutionary Product

Updated on June 26, 2016

Chalks are something that reminds me of my childhood. I still remember, how I made use of these writing tools throughout the house. In fact, I used them in every place where it was possible to write. Whether a tree, blackboard, car, chair, table or the doors of my house, every place used to be my hub for art.

Every child has a unique passion for chalk and board, and initial writing starts with these two essential commodities. The best thing about the chalks is that we can use it in different kind of surfaces and erase them conveniently.

I must say that the evolution of a plain white chalk to a chalk marker is evident in present times. Just like every other commodity has evolved with the advancement in technology, even the chalk has been converted into a better form. There are various impressive features of these liquid chalk markers to traditional ones, and that is the reason people consider buying them compared to the older version.

Features of Liquid Chalk Markers:

  1. Dust Free – This is one of the best things about the product. These are dust free and is perfect for all those who are allergic to dust. Being dust-free makes it hassle-free to use.
  2. High-quality – These are made up of high-quality ink that is bright and safe to use. The ink is non-toxic and odor-free. Also, these last for longer because it contains almost 8 grams of ink.
  3. Nib Sizes – These are available in different nib sizes from 2mm to 15mm. These nibs come either with reversible, chisel or bullet tips. Reversible tips can be reversed, while bullet and chisel tips offer an option to do subtle and bold work in a better and neat way. Also, the nibs are of premium quality that does not get distorted easily or dry out fast.
  4. Washable – The ink can be quickly erased by making use of a damp cloth.
  5. Colors – The great thing is that it is available in a variety of colors. The number of chalk markers may vary from company to company, though most of the companies offer eight fluorescent chalk markers in one pack.
  6. Certification – The chalk markers have either European or US Art certifications that prove it safe to use.
  7. Safe to use– The product is non-toxic. Still, it is recommended safe only for the kids above three years of age..
  8. Non-porous surfaces – These markers can be used on any surface that is non-porous in nature. Anyone making use of it will surely have a great time playing with these colorful art accessories.

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Though regular chalks are still in use, I feel it is an unhealthy practice to use them. Particularly for kids, it can be dangerous to use as they may eat or swallow these chalks.

Why buy liquid chalk markers?

Well, it may sound a bit weird, but everybody might have their opinion regarding chalk markers. Some may not agree to its use because it is tough to erase them. These markers may leave ugly marks. At times that can be stubborn enough to get vanished even with a damp cloth. Still, the high-quality markers are designed such that its marks get erased without much ado.

Overlooking the above factor, there are several reasons to buy them. Some of them are:

  • Your little one will love it because it is a real fun to use them. Chalk markers offer wings to their creativity, and it's perfectly safe for them to make use of the commodity.
  • You may buy it as a gift for a kid who is fond of art and craft. In fact, if you have been invited to a child's birthday, it may prove to be one of the best birthday presents.
  • It is not at all messy to use. Even the adult people who are fond of art and craft can use it for showcasing their art ability.
  • Chalk markers can be utilized for a variety of purposes, like writing on boards, paper sheets, canvas, wooden and cemented floors, a glass material, and several other non-porous surfaces.

As chalk markers are available in different colors, buying them won't be a bad deal. The only thing of the concern is the price that may not always fit your budget. In that case, you may buy a product that is a bit cheap compared to other alternatives. Looking over the online stores will be the best way to source for the affordable option.


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