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Chalk Markers Stains - Ways to Erase

Updated on July 4, 2016

If you have a kid at home, chalk marker craze must be evident. Your entire house must be painted with different color markers. No doubt, the doors, windows and the walls of the house might appear an art gallery to you at several instances.

Right! When kids are around, you cannot expect your house to stay clean. They will have a lot of fun. In fact, coloring different areas of the house with their color pens or chalk markers is a part of their fun activity. Getting rid of the stubborn colored ink is tough, but you can definitely get rid of the stains left by the liquid chalk markers by making use of a few home-made tips.

It is easy to erase the stains of chalk markers from a chalkboard, but cleaning other areas can be a real challenge. Though I often make use of a damp cloth to clean the ugly stains, but the trick often fails in rough surfaces.

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A few of the ways to erase chalk marker stains are:

  • One of the best ways to clean the chalk marker stains is by making use of a sponge and liquid soap. Gently rub to clean by pouring little soap over the stained area and rub it with a sponge. Then, wash off with water and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. The sponge is soft and does not leave scrubbing stains on the surface. Hence, it becomes one of the unusual remedies to get rid of the stains left by chalk markers.
  • You may use a scrubber to clean and wipe off with the cloth. It is certainly not recommended because the ugly stains left by a scrubber can make things even worse. It's better to leave the stains untouched than making use of this alternative.
  • If it's your floor, you can quickly clean it with a damp cloth. You will get a squeaky clean floor in a fraction of times.
  • Dip a piece of cloth in a white vinegar and rub on the surface to clean.
  • Cleaning with nail polish remover may also help.

There might be many other ways to get rid of the chalk marker stains. If you have any idea, please feel free to share in the comment box. I have often seen people complaining regarding the ugly chalk markers stains for which I never had an idea. Maybe because I don't have a kid at home. But, I realized the intensity of the problem when my cousin sister from Canada came to visit my place with her six-year-old daughter.

I could see her playing with chalk markers that always reminded me of my childhood. Though, I never had access to chalk markers during that era, but that chalky cloud dust is still fresh in my memories, and I relate a chalk marker to a regular chalk for several reasons. Though, I am going a bit off the topic, but somehow it came to my mind while discussing her behavior and I felt like sharing my childhood experience with all my readers.

I still remember, how my mom used to clean the chalk dust that used to be all around the floors of my house. Also, at times I could observe the dust on my clothes as well as the bed sheets, carpets and other areas of my home. That was certainly a matter that irritated my mom always, and I felt the same to see my cousin's daughter using the chalk markers throughout my house.

Though, I could not say her anything, but I kept myself regular on cleaning the areas painted or scribbled with them. I had a really hard time cleaning those areas, and I felt that in some of the surfaces it was really a complicated deal to erase them completely.

I tried many remedies and somehow got rid of those marks after she was gone. I must say that all the mothers are excellent in dealing with their kid's creativity and always find out new ways to keep their homes clean.

Kids are fun-loving, and they have a complete right to play with colors. If we stop them from doing so, we are not doing justice with their childhood. We need to give them space to explore their creativity. After all, we are smart enough to explore better ways to deal with the after effects of their creative part.


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