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Chamomile Lavender Soap

Updated on May 12, 2015

Home Made Soap

Made from all organic ingredients and crafted together with love. This soap lathers well and cleans great all while exfoliating the skin. Adding dried chamomile and lavender flowers to the trace makes for a wonder look and feel to the bar of soap.


Chamomile Lavender Soap Recipe

  • 28 oz Olive Oil
  • 5.90 oz Beeswax (I use the white)
  • 8.25 oz Coconut Oil 76 degrees
  • 4.15 oz Grapeseed Oil
  • 1.85 Avocado Oil
  • 6 oz Lye
  • 16 oz Coconut Milk

Melt the oils and beeswax to 110 degrees.

Mix the Lye with the Coconut Milk (I keep my milk in the refrigerator so when mixed with the Lye it doesn't get has hot) - always follow your directions on mixing your Lye per the Lye directions on the bottle. And ALWAYS use safety gear when mixing the Lye. I am not responsible for any mishaps that you may have. If you have not made soap before, please be sure to do lots of research and understand the risks of using Lye

Once the oils and Lye are both at 95-110 degrees mix together. At trace mix in Chamomile and Lavender. Put in mold and let sit overnight. Remove from mold and let dry - you may cut the soap into bars at this point.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is good for relaxing when one is stressed. Lavender has a smoothing sensation that helps the body unwind after a long day. Also you can use lavender on your skin and hair as a natural bug repellent.

Lavender has a wonderful scent to it that most people enjoy.


I have been making soap on and off for a little over a year now. Due to life changes I was not able to make soap for awhile, but then life changed again. All in a good way! I have been trying out new recipes for soap among baking and cooking also. I have found a base recipe that I just love.


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