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Best Charcoal Pencil Sets

Updated on February 20, 2011

Charcoal Pencil Sets

 Charcoal pencil sets are one of the media that is good for providing shadow and depth in drawings and although I did at one time prefer charcoal sticks to pencils, now there are some quite decent charcoal pencils that come in sets that are just as good and besides, the brittle nature of charcoal sticks became annoying after awhile. Charcoal is a material that has been used for years in drawing from many artists and the darkness you can gain from using it in your drawings is just one of the best things you can try out if you haven't already.

The black charcoal is the preferred option as it has a strong and solid color when you press down hard on the charcoal pencils. Although charcoal is usually deemed as a soft medium, it really is one of the best artists tools for sketching and one that you definitely should experiment with when drawing and sketching anything that has a strong shadow to see how the sketch will look.

I regularly buy cheap charcoal pencils every now and then for sketching as they are usually cheap anyway, you don't necessarily have to buy a top brand of charcoal pencil set, because any charcoal set is ideal really and all you need is the paper to match the way that charcoal can draw and retain the charcoal marks on the papers surface.

Always look online and see which charcoal sets are available and always look for ones that you can pack away in a tin or pack that comes with the charcoal pencils as some do break and end up leaving crumbs of charcoal everywhere which you can get on your fingers and smudge your paper when drawing which I hate to do. You can get around that by having a separate piece of paper that you rest on when actually drawing your drawing on the main piece of paper.

Charcoal is best thick and black and most definitely in pencil form.

Charcoal Pencil Sets

Charcoal pencil sets for creating good sketches and drawings.
Charcoal pencil sets for creating good sketches and drawings. | Source

Charcoal Pencil Sets

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I'll have to scan some of my charcoal art...cheers!

    • Les Trois Chenes profile image

      Les Trois Chenes 7 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

      Like you I was (am) prejudiced against the pencils, but in my old age I feel less like struggling and more inclined to take the easy option. Certainly you may as well have pencils as thin charcoal sticks. My only reservation about the pencils is that with the pencils you can't cover large areas of paper. I use the side of thick charcoal sticks for that. Why not use both sticks and pencils?

      Would be nice to see some of your own work.