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Charlie Waite: Landscape Photography at its finest

Updated on July 3, 2014
Charlie Waite
Charlie Waite | Source

Charlie Waite's Personal Life

Charlie Waite was inspired by his father to pursue a career in photography. He, however, became an actor and stage assistant first before he became a photographer. He appeared both in the British theater and television for ten years. When he left the stage, he began taking photographs of actors.

Waite's first camera was a Hasselblad 500C. It was a 1957 medium format camera designed by Victor Hassleblad. Medium format cameras were the standard camera of professionals during that time. Waite continued taking portrait photographs for work for some years. He then studied photography at the Salisbury College of Art for a year at the end of 1970. During that time, he was also working as an assistant advertising photographer.

Who is Charlie Waite?

Charlie Waite is an English photographer born in February 18, 1949. He is best known for landscape photography. He is firmly established in his field and is one of the leading photographers when it comes to landscapes. His style is considered to be very unique.

Charlie Waite's Career

After completing his studies in the Salisbury College of Art, Charlie Waite changed his attention to taking landscape photographs. His style in taking pictures also changed. Most of his landscape photographs portray the drama of nature. What influenced his approach to landscape photography the most was the dramatic lighting used on the stage of a theatre.

Later in his career, Waite was awarded with an honorary fellowship to the British Institute of Professional Photographers. It is a prestigious non-profit organization of professional photographers in the United Kingdom. In 2007, he received an "Amateur Photography's Power of Photography Award." It is an award given to photographers whose works are considered an effective example on how photography is capable of recording powerful and memorable images.

Waite's photographs are a part of both private and corporate collections around the world. He held many solo exhibitions at the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. He is also a writer and has written more than 30 books which are about his photography. Recently, he was featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine as an icon of modern photography. He also held lectures throughout the United Kingdom over the last 25 years. He loves introducing his art to others. Through his company called Light and Land, he runs workshops and tours around the world.

Among Waite's popular photographs are Lucca Tuscany Italy, Epernay France, Cranbourne England, and Lake Titicaca. These are monochromatic photographs. Other examples are African Landscape and Autumn Colors. Even though he sells his own photographs, he is also available for private commission.

One of the Best photographs of Charlie Waite
One of the Best photographs of Charlie Waite | Source


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Did You know?

  • Waite also takes panoramic landscape photographs.
  • Waite attended a public school in his early years. He did not perform well.
  • Waite still takes portrait photographs of actors.


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