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Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists book review

Updated on June 3, 2011

Learn from the pros with one of the best watercolour artists working today

First impressions of Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists book is one of a compact handbook from Charles Evans with over 100 essential tips to improve the work of Watercolour Artists. The book has a hard cover with 96 pages of tips from an established expert in watercolour painting. At 160mm x 210mm x 15mm it and can be taken anywhere, out and about when painting outside or in your studio as a good reference book.

Charles Evans is a well-known, popular author, and in his watercolour techniques book he shares many of experience as a professional artist with over 100 great tips. Watercolour artists of all abilities will find this book interesting with beautifully illustrated tips, step-by-step demonstrations and finished paintings from one of todays best watercolour artists.

How many brushes do I need? Why do my colours look weak? How do I paint a stormy sky? Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists will show you the answers.

The first thing you notice about Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists is that it’s spiral bound. Personally, for art reference books, all should be like this as it allows you to lay your book flat without the pages wanting to turn back over, allowing you to have your hands free.

Comact and inspirational book for all watercolour artists
Comact and inspirational book for all watercolour artists

Charles Evans covers such topics as materials, sketching, colour, skies, creating depth, introducing harmony, light and shade, trees, life in the landscape, creating tecture, man-made structures, water, mountains and cliffs, mood and atmosphere, all within the 96 pages.

This watercolour techniques book is aimed at beginners and more seasoned watercolour artists alike and is a book for all abilities.

The content of the book is laid out in a very clear and easy to follow way making this book a joy to use for many budding watercolour artists. When looking through the book it does become clear that some of the step-by-step demonstration images could be a little small for some people. They give you the information and inspiration you need, but I personally like to see them bigger. This is a personal perspective but its great to see how this professional in the field of watercolour painting passes on some of his tips to create great watercolour paintings.

Projects in the book include how to paint a cottage in the landscape, how to paint a blue sky with fluffy clouds, how to paint a stormy sky, how to paint a sunset sky, how to paint trees, both middle-distance, foreground trees, winter trees, autumn trees, ivy-clad treesweeping willows and more. The book really is packed with small but precise tips and projects on a wealth of subjects to help you improve you watercolour painting.

I specifically like how Charles Evans hones in on specific subject matters including painting horses, painting a dog or painting pheasants in flight to name but a few. A compact book with a wealth of information.

Clear and easy to follow instructions
Clear and easy to follow instructions

Learn from on of the experts – About the author Charles Evans

Charles Evans is one of the UKs leading Painters. His exuberant and likeable personality is reflected in his paintings, which have a lightness and simplicity that many artists aspire to. Charles lives and works in Morepeth, Northumberland, in the North East of England, where he gains inspiration from the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds him. He not only runs his own art classes from his studio, which is also his gallery, but alos travels extensively, holding painting holidays, visiting art societies and filming for his popular television series.

Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists - Good points

  • Spiral bound which allows you to easily lay the book flat on the work surface
  • Hardback cover which makes it durable an easy to transport.
  • Nice compact size
  • Packed with great tips from an expert in watercolour

Charlie’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists - Bad points

  • The page size can mean that some of the step-by-steps in the project pages could be a little on the small side for some people.

To buy or not to buy Charlie’s top tips for Watercolour Artists – conclusion

If you are a watercolour artists looking for inspiration and tips from one of the best watercolour artists in the field, then this book is worth every penny. From my perspective, it really does give you the inspiration to get stuck in and try it for yourself. A compact book that you can take anywhere.

Learn from the pros - Charles Evans in action

When it comes to learning a new technique or picking up a quick tip I think there is nothing better than watching an artist in action. Below is Charles Evans in action so enjoy and look out for more reviews of books by one of todays best watercolour artists.


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