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Cheap Premium Wordpress Themes 2013

Updated on March 9, 2013
Slider Screenshot of a premium wordpress theme
Slider Screenshot of a premium wordpress theme

This is the first article in the set of writings on "Premium WordPress framework 2013." my aim is to make my readers aware of the most popular premium WordPress themes and frameworks of 2013 and let them decide which theme is to be bought! buying a theme is a one time investment and thus, you should be careful! I am presenting 2 WordPress frameworks in each article so that you can have a stepwise exhaustive analysis of all the available themes!

Elegant Themes: Premium WordPress Themes 2013

Elegant themes has more than 170,000 satisfied customers across the globe! What's more better if a theme costs less than 50 cents! Elegant themes provides a pack of 81 themes for just $39. Yes, that's the deal! You can have all the 81 themes and use them in any of your website or your client sites! Together they'll cost you $39!

Elegant themes are perfect for portfolio and start-up blogs!

Just for $39 you can have access to a myriad variety of business themes, blog themes, eCommerce themes, magazine themes, personal themes, portfolio themes, responsive themes and tumblog themes!

Anytime you can experiment with a different theme to analyze the results! Elegant themes are perfect for portfolio websites and business websites. The responsive nature of the theme provides a great view in tablets, ipads and iphone!

You can also grab all the elegant themes and the premium plugins for $89! Feel free to browse all elegant themes and see if you're satisfied with the design and look of the theme

Elegant Themes Gallery

Solostream: Premium WordPress Themes 2013

Though elegant themes has more than 170,000 happy customers, the basic drawback of elegant themes is the design framework! The themes doesn't really look promising when it comes to blogging point of view! Yes, the business and portfolio themes are perfect, but not the blogging themes! If you're willing to run a successful blog, the first criteria is to have a powerful blogging theme that can create an interest in your visits from the very instant they land on any of your blog's web page!

This particular shortcoming brings us to our next theme framework called Solostream! yes, it is a bit costly that Elegant themes but it's worth the investment! Solostream is mostly for bloggers, so if you're not into blogging, you can stick with Elegant themes or read the next list of "premium WordPress themes of 2013"

Grab all the 30 Solostream Themes for just $99! Each theme is costing you just $3.33. Actually, Solostream has two membership options, The Silver and the Gold. The Silver membership is for three months costing your $99 and the Gold Membership is for 1 year costing you $129. For both the cases you have the right to use the themes on any number of websites and also free lifetime updates! The only difference is you'll be unable to grab any new themes published after 3 months and after 1 year if you don't renew your subscription.

There is complete access to all the themes that you've purchased! Radiance is my personal favorite Solostream theme!

View all SoloStream Themes

Before choosing a particular framework, I recommend you to have a look at all the premium WordPress frameworks! Buying a theme is a one time investment and you should be responsible for making the right purchase! Don't be stingy while buying a theme! The only reason I've started with elegant themes ( a low priced theme framework) is that you should have an idea of how the features gradually improve as the framework changes and the cost slightly increase. Note, you may also find some simple themes costing you more than other themes.

It may take you upto one day to browse all the theme frameworks and come to a conclusion, but that will be the best conclusion, be assured of that!


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