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China slaps guest workers tax-free shops

Updated on August 3, 2016

China slaps guest workers tax-free shops

Tuesday, 08/02/2016 | 14:13 GMT + 7|

China slaps guest workers tax-free shops

A Chinese tourist who helps sellers find credit cards forgotten, but returned the favor by slap sellers.

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Page Shanghaiist reported on 1/8, the incident at Tom Bradley Terminal international airport in Los Angeles when a woman named Liang Chinese tourists to buy goods at duty-free shops. Here, Chinese visitors will get special deals. With 400 USD per invoice and bank cards China, customers will get 20 dollars.

For the first time, Liang to checkout but invoices under $ 400. She was about to pay, but after being introduced several attractive promotion packages, she decided to buy more goods and accidentally left a credit card at the checkout counter.

Liang could be put on the blacklist of aviation by their actions at the airport.Photo: shanghaiist.

A moment later, Liang realized the cards disappear. She turned back to the counter and asked the cashier to return. However cashiers and managers are not held. They look around and finally saw the fall card slot next to the cash register. The cashier returned the credit card for Liang but immediately received two slap in the face that all who saw them felt surprise.

A few minutes later, Liang were security officers arrested and taken away.Flights to Shanghai where she was going was delayed an hour and then take off. Liang was maintained until the present in court and may be included in the black list of international aviation.

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Hai Thu

Sharing post here or on dulich@vnexpress.net71Stories of Chinese tourists

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See the American Law that learning, very fast and efficient completeness.

Hoang Vietnamese - 14:25 2.8

Reply | Like 948 | Violation | Share

Fast, compact, quick. No scruffy. I like this type of legislation.

Minhdang - 08/02 17:49

Reply | Like 305 | Violation | Share

Vietnam hospitable people other Americans.

General le flowers - 23 hours ago

Reply | Like 26 | Violation | Share

View all 3 replies

No unacceptable behavior of the majority of Chinese tourists

Tourism - 02/08 14:16

Reply | Like 475 | Violation | Share

This bad habit she hooligans in the US and it has certainly been put into handcuffs police detention.Without bail, she will be detained until trial. Assault, at least several months in prison and may have to ...

Thu - 15 hours ago

Reply | Like 21 | Violation | Share

Regarded by brandishing sun and the consequences offline.

Liked Enough Thursday - 14:20 2.8

Reply | Like 345 | Violation | Share

to the people that considered it worthless. Overpaid consequences offline.

School of Dance - 02/08 19:59

Reply | Like 65 | Violation | Share

Allergic to Chinese visitors

Huong Thuy - 02/08 14:49

Reply | Like 282 | Violation | Share

Handling so hard to fit, Vietnam and other countries should also look at how the US that learning.

Tran Dang - 02/08 16:46

Reply | Like 276 | Violation | Share

Getting back on charges of insulting the other person's body ...

wwwquanghien - 02/08 14:29

Reply | Like 267 | Violation | Share

Where I made the sky, that was it ?? !! claim expenses

Phong - 14:30 2.8

Reply | Like 179 | Violation | Share


datz - 02/08 14:15

Reply | Like 174 | Violation | Share

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Chinese visitors


Los Angeles

Tax exemption


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