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Affordable Chiropractic Art

Updated on January 21, 2012

Chiropractic art can be affordable! We offer unique hand painted chiropractic spine paintings and more. Check us out, as well as the chiropractic art of our fri

Chiropractic Art doesn't have to be expensive! We offer unique hand painted chiropractic paintings and more. Check out our popular double and single canvas spine paintings. We also offer hand painted vertebrae paintings, chiropractic caduceus paintings, and even framed chiropractic photographic art.

At we are dedicated to offering unique chiropractic art at affordable rates! So if you are tired of boring chiropractic art on your walls, check out our offerings. We even work with you to create custom pieces that coordinate perfectly with your chiropractic artwork and decorating needs. Read on to learn more about our art and then be sure to stop by our site and drop us a line: Chiropractic Paintings, Spine Art, Chiropractic Gifts, Posters, Patient Education, and More! Chiropractic Paintings, Spine Art, Chiropractic Gifts, Posters, Patient Education, and More!

Check out photos of recently completed Chiropractic Art Orders

See some of our favorite recently completed Chiropractic paintings and prints!

Want to see photos of some of our favorite recently completed orders of Chiropractic Art from, ebay, or

To check out our Chiropractic art photo album on our facebook page CLICK HERE! Your new home for our affordable chiropractic art, spine paintings and more! Your new home for our affordable chiropractic art, spine paintings and more!

Our Affordable Chiropractic Art has a New Home!

Announcing Your New Home for Affordable Chiropractic Art and More!

Our chiropractic art has proved to be much more popular than ever could have been anticipated! In fact, we've been working double time in an effort to keep up with orders, especially around the holiday season! Due to the popularity of our affordable chiropractic art we've decided to take action to better market and promote it.

Our first decision was to secure a new domain name and website that helps communicate the fact we offer affordable chiropractic art. Our current LONG url( does nothing to indicate we offer hand painted chiropractic paintings and other chiropractic art. On that note we are pleased to announce the launch of our new site:!

The site is currently set up as a mirror site, nearly identical to the current site. As word of the site spreads we plan on slowly evolving into a site with its own unique design.

The second phase of our marketing program involves increased marketing and advertising for our chiropractic art. In the past we've advertised only via word of mouth and limited free online advertising. We have currently launched a Google Adwords campaign for and we plan on running some print and display advertising soon.

If you aren't familiar with our chiropractic art we offer a wide variety of art including:

- Chiropractic paintings

- Hand painted spine paintings (Some measuring 4 feet tall!)

- Spine pictures

- Framed chiropractic prints

- Chiropractic pictures

- And more!

If you haven't done so, now is the perfect time to browse our inventory. We are featuring big savings on most of our art and we look forward to continuing to serve the chiropractc profession with quality products with reasonable prices.

About our Hand Painted Chiropractic Art

Learn More About our Spine Paintings, Caduceus Paintings, and Other Hand Painted Chiropractic Art.

Our chiropractic art is done entirely by hand. This is what makes our paintings truly unique. Although they are always very close to the photos shown, each piece is unique. Since they are completed by hand, no two are alike. Another popular feature of our art is the extremely affordable pricing.

Although we strive to make our chiropractic art affordable, we don't skimp on materials. Our paintings our completed with high quality canvas and materials. Read on to learn a little more about the materials we use.

Canvas: We generally use high quality Fredrix canvases. These are our favorite because the are the best quality canvas we have found in the price range. These canvases are stretched over wooden stretcher bars. Each canvases is then protected against acidic deterioration and then primed with an acrylic titanium primer.

Paints: We generally use acrylics for their affordability, easy clean up, workability, and quicker drying time versus oils....although we do use some oils in some of our paintings. M. Graham & Co, Golden, Winsor & Newton, and Studio 71 are some of our favorite acrylic paint brands to use.

Protection: After completing our paintings, they are sprayed with a matte protectant to eliminate glare and further protect against UV damage, dirt, and moisture.

Mounting Hardware: Paintings are shipped complete with mounting hardware installed.

Who completes the paintings?

Our paintings are done by a chiropractor FOR chiropractors. Our company founder, Dr. James, does the majority of the work. Although he lacks an extensive formal education in art, he is very talented. He brings what a conventional artist can't bring to his chiropractic art: a love for chiropractic and a knowledge and interest in the human spine! He designs, sketches, roughs in, and paints the majority of our chiropractic paintings. Our chiropractic art is truly a team effort though since other staff do assist with painting backgrounds, details, and with packaging for shipment.

YOU can help design your own Chiropractic Art

At you can choose your background colors and more!

You play an active role here! We let you choose many custom features for your chiropractic art. Choose your own background colors, right or left views and more! You can even email us and request further customization to fit your needs.

We frequently get emails asking if we can paint a certain view or modify one of our existing chiropractic paintings with a different background color, a different size etc. The answer is usually yes! If we can't satisfy your request we'll happily tell you that as well.

Some of the greatest ideas for variations on our chiropractic art comes from customer suggestions!

Our Most Popular Chiropractic Art: Double Canvas Lateral Spine Painting

Read about one of our most popular chiropractic paintings!

Our double canvas lateral spine painting is probably our most popular offering when it comes to chiropractic art. This piece features a lateral view of the human spine hand painted in black over two canvases. Each canvas measures approximately 12" wide x 24" tall x about 3/4" deep. The 4 feet in overall height makes a bold and dramatic statement on your the walls of your chiropractic clinic.

Purchasers have many background color choices for their chiropractic art. Users can select a stippled multi-toned background in greys (our most popular) blues, beiges, or greens. Many solid color background choices are available as well. We have worked with many our chiropractic art customers in the past to create custom background and color combinations. We even let purchasers choose whether they want a right or left lateral view when they purchase off our site. Be sure to stop by our site

and browse our chiropractic art offerings. Feel free to contact us with any questions or with that special request!

Chiropractic Art: Hand Painted Chiropractic Caduceus

Chiropractic Caduceus Art

This painting features a large hand painted silver Chiropractic Caduceus measuring about 15" at its widest by about 18" tall. The painting shown features our light grey background with streaks of white. This gives the impression of a burst of light behind the caduceus. The painting measures approximately 18" wide x 24" tall x about 3/4" deep overall. As always you can customize this piece of chiropractic art with your own background color choices, or tell us exactly what you want and we'll see if we can make meet your requests.

Our C1 Atlas Chiropractic Painting: Chiropractic Art for the Upper Cervical Chiropractor
Our C1 Atlas Chiropractic Painting: Chiropractic Art for the Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Atlas C1 Upper Cervical Chiropractic Painting

Inspired by Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care.

These are hand painted by a Chiropractor, for Chiropractors! This painting features a superior/bird's eye view of the Atlas, or C1 vertebra hand painted in gloss black oil, on a beautiful neutral background.

We offer many choices for a background. From the safe, solid sand colored background shown here, to our beautiful multilayered stippled speckled background.

These paintings measure approximately 24" wide x 12" tall x about 3/4" deep overall.

This chiropractic art makes the perfect addition to the upper cervical practice, or any practice that respects the great power of the upper cervical spine!

Framed Chiropractic Art

We also offer Framed Chiropractic Art Prints

We offer more than hand painted canvas chiropractic art. We also sell framed photographic chiropractic prints and other artwork! One of our most popular works is our 3 lateral x-ray prints in fun and funky colors. Our sepia toned images of verebrae are also very popular. Check out our site and browse all of our chiropractic art!

One of our prints from our Chiropractic Epigram/Quote Print Set.
One of our prints from our Chiropractic Epigram/Quote Print Set.

B.J. Palmer Epigram and other Chiropractic Quote Inspired Prints

Our prints inspired by B.J. Palmer's epigrams and other notable Chiropractic quotes

Some of the latest additions to our Chiropractic art inventory are B.J. Palmer epigrams and other Chiropractic quotes.

Take for example, our popular framed chiropractic epigram print set. Each picture features a notable B.J. Palmer epigram or Chiropractic quote. They are even written in B.J's favorite font. Any palmer student or fan will recognize it!

The set consists of 4 prints measuring about 11" wide x 8.5" tall. Each is framed under glass in a sturdy black frame with metal mounting clips. These prints are made with high quality ink and are on 24lb weight, genuine "ivory antique" colored parchment paper (shown), or with a pure white background on our glossy 48lb premium photo paper.

We even offer these chiropractic pictures unframed for those who wish to choose their own frame.

Picture 1: Features the famous B.J. Palmer quote: "We never know how far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow."

Picture 2: Features the phrase, "Nature needs no help, just no interference."

Picture 3: Features the epigram "Chiropractic is health insurance, Premiums small. Dividends Large."

Picture 4: Features the phrase "The power that made the body, HEALS THE BODY. It happens no other way."

These chiropractic works of art are a simple and affordable way to educate and inspire your chiropractic patients.

The 3 T's: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. This is affordable chiropractic art with a purpose!
The 3 T's: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. This is affordable chiropractic art with a purpose!

The 3 T's: Framed Chiropractic Prints

Beautiful framed Chiropractic art outlining the three main causes of subluxation.

This is Chiropractic Art with a purpose!

If you are a principled chiropractor in a subluxation based practice you will love these framed chiropractic pictures. Use these beautiful chiropractic prints to educate your chiropractic patients on the three main causes of chiropractic subluxation: The 3 T's.

These chiropractic pictures are even done in B.J.'s favorite font. Any true Palmer chiropractic fan is sure to recognize it!

Chiropractic Picture 1: Features the question, "What causes a subluxation?"

Chiropractic Picture 2: Outlines the three main causes of subluxation, the 3 T's:

"Thoughts", "Traumas" and "Toxins"

Chiropractic Picture 3: Displays the modern layman's equivalent corresponding to each of the 3 T's. A modern translation if you will:

"Emotional Stress", "Physical Stress" and "Chemical Stress"

These are sure to stimulate chiropractic conversation with your patients. This chiropractic art doubles as a patient education tool to educate new patients on the causes of subluxation and the basic philosophy of chiropractic care. They will also serve to remind existing chiropractic patients just what causes vertebral subluxation.

Stop decorating your chiropractic office with everyday blandness and start displaying some chiropractic office d├ęcor with purpose!

Perfect Chiropractic Gifts!

Our hand painted chiropractic art makes the perfect chiropractic gift for any occasion!

Our hand painted chiropractic art makes a perfect gift for nearly any occasion. Graduation from chiropractic college, birthdays, anniversaries, practice milestone events, holidays and anything in between can be celebrated with our unique and affordable chiropractic art.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or that chiropractic friend or family member, we have something to fit your needs! Check out our affordable hand painted spine paintings, our Chiropractic Caduceus paintings, or some of our other chiropractic art. We even offer framed chiropractic prints!

And More! Check out the Chiropractic art offered by some of our friends! - Visit the links below to see some chiropractic art offered by our very talented frien

We don't just plug our own work here! We love promoting the chiropractic art of others. Browse the links below to view some very cool sites. If you would like us to post a link to your chiropractic art etc. then feel free to contact us with your request.

Chiropractic Art, Spine Paintings, and Chiropractic Patient Education on Ebay! - Browse our spine paintings, and other chiropractic listings on Ebay.

We offer our chiropractic art and other products at significant savings on Ebay. Check out our current listings below. Whether you want to save big on our double canvas spine paintings, our hand painted chiropractic caduceus. or one of our other pieces Ebay is the place to save on chiropractic art!

About Us:

Thanks for checking out our lens and be sure to stop by our site! was founded by a Doctor of Chiropractic who was FED UP with outrageous pricing on chiropractic patient education, marketing and art. To read more about us, be sure to visit Feel free to browse through our rapidly expanding catalog of chiropractic art, chiropractic patient education and so much more!

Chiropractic Books on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find chiropractic books and reference texts. Check out the list below!

Chiropractic Technique
Chiropractic Technique

The first-ever book to describe the rationale behind adjustment techniques for the spine, pelvis, and extremities, this NEW 2nd edition offers thoroughly revised chapters, new illustrations, a reorganized layout, and extensive updates. The basic anatomical, biomechanical, and pathophysiological principles necessary for applying specific adjustive procedures are discussed in detail. It also offers a fundamental understanding of joint and body mechanics, as well as key evaluative tests and procedures, to help the reader evaluate, select, and utilize the most effective adjustive techniques. Coverage of chiropractic history provides a broad understanding of general concepts and practice. Theory and practice combine to make CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE, 2ND EDITION a must-have for anyone seeking a solid foundation in joint examination and chiropractic adjustment.

The Chiropractic Way: How Chiropractic Care Can Stop Your Pain and Help You Regain Your Health Without Drugs or Surgery
The Chiropractic Way: How Chiropractic Care Can Stop Your Pain and Help You Regain Your Health Without Drugs or Surgery

Chiropractic has become Americaâs most popular form of alternative health care, offering lasting relief from pain--and many other health benefits--to more than 25 million patients annually. Yet many people still wonder exactly how chiropractic heals, and even experienced patients may be able to get more from their treatments. In this accessible and fascinating book, Dr. Michael Lenarz illuminates the basic principles of spinal health, showing how the body naturally lets go of stored pain and disease once the flow of vital energy has been restored. He also explains:*Why adjustments keep the communication flowing clearly, quickly, and cleanly*Why the billion-plus nerve pathways carried by the spine can be the key to a wide range of health problems--from arthritis, headaches, and back and neck pain to chronic fatigue and digestive ailments*Why many of the health complaints we associate with aging may in fact be the result of old injuries and therefore treatable*The different techniques of chiropractic, and how to choose the beset chiropractor for you. PLUS--complete chapters on the diet, exercise, and stress-relief programs that will help you achieve a healthy, vibrant, energized, and pain-free lifestyle--the chiropractic way.

Foundations of Chiropractic: Subluxation, 2e
Foundations of Chiropractic: Subluxation, 2e

Now updated in its 2nd edition, the first research-based book on this topic examines the direct link between joint dysfunction, the theories of its effects, and the clinical syndromes seen in clinical practice. Focusing on three facets of spinal subluxation â the articular lesion, subluxation theories, and subluxation syndromes â it explains the practical principles and the evidence-based research behind safe and effective chiropractic care. Scientific evidence is presented for indications and contraindications of subluxation, along with term definitions, basic science and anatomy, subluxation causes, radiographic evidence, manipulable and nonmanipulable subluxation, a theoretical model, and subluxation syndromes. Many of the most respected names in chiropractic have contributed chapters to this book and present the common ground of chiropractic in a logical and understandable manner.


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Not Chiropracitc Art...but is a Great Source for Chiropractic Goodies! offers more than chiropractic books! Take a look at the chiropractic items currently being offered on


How important is Chiropractic patient education to the success of a Chiropractic practice?

Absolutely Vital: Without patient education a Chiropractic practice can't be successful.

Absolutely Vital: Without patient education a Chiropractic practice can't be successful.

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    • practicemastery1 4 years ago

      Agreed. Absolutely vital.

    • Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Knowledge and responsibility equals qood doctor!

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      On Day One my patients are better educated about their own anatomy and condition than 95% of back pain patients inhabiting orthopedic offices. I teach them how to get better, stay better, and live better, and, in the cases needing medical intervention, how to wisely use surgery and medicine to their best advantage.

    • hlkljgk 6 years ago from Western Mass

      i imagine it would be helpful

    • ClinicallySigni 6 years ago

      I've always believed most patients do have a desire to be informed, empowered, and educated! Glad to see confirmation of that!

    • nukemdomis lm 6 years ago

      I know that I wanted to be educated when I'm a patient.

    • ClinicallySigni 6 years ago

      Chiropractic patient education is vital to the health and well being of your patients and your practice. If you aren't educating your Chiropractic patients it is a recipe for disaster.

    Not all that important

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        • practicemastery1 profile image

          practicemastery1 4 years ago

          Very cool - thanks!

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          I've seen a similar chiropractor painting from my friend who is the best Seattle chiropractor. It really look good and so is the painting presented above.

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          IsaiasValencia 5 years ago

          Great composition, fantastic post!


          Austin chiropractor

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          Great job Dr. James! What an unusual art form. I enjoyed this lens.

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          anonymous 6 years ago

          I love the spinal necktie, that would be popular outside of the chiropractic genre even. Nicely done and I've always wondered how much those chiropractic adjustment tools cost.

        • TolovajWordsmith profile image

          Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

          Amazing. Never thought of chiropractic as an art form...

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          Runnn 6 years ago

          A medical arts!! An exotic arts.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Great job Dr. James. Never knew this dry subject can also inspire art!

        • profile image

          grannysage 6 years ago

          What an unusual art form. It never occurred to me that chiropractors would want art on their walls. I certainly wouldn't want a painting of my spine though, crooked as it is. Thanks for showing me something new.

        • Rita-K profile image

          Rita-K 6 years ago

          Wow, what a beautifully designed it!

        • dahlia369 profile image

          dahlia369 6 years ago

          I've never heard of chiropractic art before - but always enjoy new, original ideas. Congrats, great lens!! :)

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          This is very good information, but you didn't write nothing about chiropractor salary. For more information about chiropractor salary visit site

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          @hlkljgk: Thanks so is indeed a lens that fills a specific niche!

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          nukemdomis lm 6 years ago

          Very interesting. Now chiropractors can up-sell us with a piece of art when we're getting adjusted.

        • ClinicallySigni profile image

          ClinicallySigni 6 years ago

          @SandyMertens: Thank you!

        • SandyMertens profile image

          Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Frozen Tundra

          Intriguing chiropractic art.

        • hlkljgk profile image

          hlkljgk 6 years ago from Western Mass

          terrific niche lens!

        • ClinicallySigni profile image

          ClinicallySigni 6 years ago

          @nukemdomis lm: ...there are no high pressure spine art sales pitches in my practice!

        • ClinicallySigni profile image

          ClinicallySigni 6 years ago

          @ChiroUnderground: Thanks so much! Some great marketing tips over there at I can't wait to read more! Check out our blog at

        • profile image

          ChiroUnderground 6 years ago

          Beautiful ART work!! I LOVE it! Keep Saving Lives!!