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Choose the Right Scrapbook Album to Display Your Photos

Updated on March 20, 2011

There Are Many Scrapbook Albums to Choose From

Choosing what type of scrapbook album to use really comes down to a personal preference. The pages in a scrapbook album are lignin- and acid-free and come with side- or top-loading sheet protectors. These PVC-free page protectors secure your artwork in place and protect it from the elements. The most common sizes that a scrapbook album comes in are 6"x6", 8"x8", 12"x12" and 8.5"x11". Aside from which size of scrapbook you decide to use, there are also bindings to consider.

A Post Bound Scrapbook Album Is Ideal

One of the most common types of binding is a post bound album. A post binding contains two or three metal posts that secure top-loading sheet protectors in the album. This type of binding is great because the size can be expanded with post extenders. This makes it easy to add more scrapbook pages or to rearrange pages that you've completed.

A scrapbook album doesn't have to be plain.
A scrapbook album doesn't have to be plain.

Another type of binding is the spiral bound scrapbook album. A metal coil binds the pages to the album spine and contains side-loading sheet protectors. The coil does not allow for more pages to be added or for any pages to be removed so this type of album is best used for a special theme or given as a gift.

This acrylic scrapbook album looks amazing!
This acrylic scrapbook album looks amazing!

Some Types of Scrapbook Albums Are Not As Popular

 A strap hinge scrapbook album comes with pages that have been bound by a plastic strap that slides through some heavy duty fasteners. While this does allow for easy removal or addition of scrapbook pages, the number of extra pages added is limited by the strap, and cannot be expanded. This type of album generally does not come with sheet protectors and you will have to purchase them separately.

There is also the less glorious three-binder album similar to those used in school. Each album contains three D-shaped metal rings that secure top-loading sheet protectors. You can add, remove or rearrange your pages easily but the wide binding leaves an unsightly gap between facing pages. I wouldn't recommend this type of album if you like to create two-page spreads.

A scrapbook album kit includes everything but the photos!
A scrapbook album kit includes everything but the photos!

Match Your Scrapbook Album To Your Theme!

Each of these scrapbook albums comes in a wide array of pattern, textures and colors. This allows you to choose an album that corresponds with your design theme, if you wish. A travel-themed album would be great for displaying vacation photos, or you could use a party-themed album to display a child's birthdays; a different page for each year. For something a little more simple, solid white for a wedding album, pink for a baby girl, or blue for a baby boy.

Whichever scrapbook album you choose, be sure it has a protective plastic cover on the outside. Many hands will come in contact with it during viewing and you don't want it getting dirty!

Tips On Choosing A Scrapbook Album

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