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Christmas Craft Idea: Felt Silverware Stockings

Updated on August 3, 2015

For the past four years now, I've been selling homemade crafts at the local community Christmas craft fairs. Last year I gave my crafting buddies one month to prepare items for a Christmas craft table. I learned that this was not enough time. So, this year we have a new strategy. We meet monthly for a crafting afternoon and to work on a new craft. Our first Christmas craft idea project this year was to make felt silverware stockings.

What are Felt Silverware Stockings?

Felt silverware stockings or cutlery stockings are a nice touch to your Christmas table settings. They make the dinner table festive and keep the cutlery in one place. It's also great if you have a lot of people over for Christmas Day and have a buffet style christmas. People can grab a cutlery stocking knowing that their fork, knife, spoon and napkin are all in one place and mingle with family and friends.

What do you need for this Christmas Craft?

Supplies you need are:

*template for a stocking (only the stocking part if you are doing the blanket stitch)

*safety pins

*felt (green, red or white)


*glitter shiny yarn (gold, red or white)


*needle threader (optional)

*stickers or embellishments for decorating your stockings

How do you make Felt Silverware Stockings?

1. Fold the felt in half and use in the paper template to pin to the felt.

2.  Draw the stocking shape on the felt.  Remove template and pins.

3.  Cut the felt stockings (there will be two because the felt is folded in half).

4. Thread the arm's length of yarn in the needle (use optional needle threader).

5. Blanket stitch the pair of felt stockings together. (optional to stitch the tops of the stockings as well).

4. Embellish stockings with stickers.

*Note:  If you are doing multiple stockings - do each step as an assembly line.  Draw stockings on your felt and cut the felt first before you start the sewing.  Don't worry if you've never sewn before - practice makes perfect.  Your 20th stocking will be perfect!

What do you do with your finished Felt Silverware Stockings?

Now that you've completed your felt silverware stockings, you can package them in sets of 2, 4, 6, or any number for the friends and family who you're giving them to. They make great gifts or prepare to sell them at your local Christmas craft fairs in November. It's never too early to start preparing for Christmas. People will also appreciate the time and love that it took to complete a set of homemade felt silverware stockings.


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    • maria.rose profile image

      maria.rose 6 years ago from Florida

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this hub so much. Your kind words have made my day. thanks for sharing......