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Christmas Crochet: Crocheted Gifts for Babies

Updated on October 25, 2015
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam  DESCRIPTIONImage of cute baby sitting in a woven basket lined with a blanket
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam DESCRIPTIONImage of cute baby sitting in a woven basket lined with a blanket | Source

Crocheted Gifts for Babies

Crocheters begin their Christmas crochet early. As they decide what to crochet for whom, they may wonder what to crochet for the baby on their list. It can be difficult to know quite what to make. Fortunately, there are many innovative, imaginative, free crochet patterns on the internet and browsing them can give the crocheter ideas as to the perfect crocheted gift for the smallest person on that dratted Christmas list.

Safety Rules For Crocheted Baby Gifts

Crocheting for babies requires crocheters to think about practicality and safety both when choosing materials and when making items. Fluffy and speciality yarns shed fibres, these are hazardous to babies, blocking tiny noses or windpipes. Many yarn companies print warnings on their speciality yarn labels that they are unsuitable for babies and children’s items, but others do not. It may be wiser to choose recommended baby yarn. If the item you want to make requires filling, choose a safe stuffing. A reputable yarn or craft store will know the safest filling to use. Nothing on your gift should be able to be detached by the baby, on soft toys either use safety facial features or, the safest option is to, embroider these. Yarn and any fillings should be washing washable.

More Crochet Baby Gifts

A crochet blanket is always useful for a young baby, whether it is a pretty one for crib or buggy, one to wrap baby in, or a sturdier blanket to put on the floor when baby is playing. Baby blankets can become a family heirloom. An Internet search using “free crochet patterns baby Afghans” will prove fruitful. You can also find hundreds at Crochet Pattern Central and Ravelry.

Pram shoes or booties will keep baby’s feet warm and there are many attractive free patterns for these on the internet.Cardigans or matinee jackets are eminently useful and babies need plenty of these. Baby buntings, cocoons, pram suits, sleep suits, onesies or all-in-ones will keep baby snug in the buggy. A smart dress, for a girl or a suit for a boy will make a change from baby-grows. Toys are always a welcome gift and there are many imaginative free patterns for these. Parents always welcome hats as baby gifts.

Where to find more Free Crochet Gifts for babies

Free crochet patterns abound on the internet. There are many crochet blogs, which feature free crochet patterns. Try, the imaginative loop toy on her Best Handmade.

The Crochet Pattern Central Directory has a huge baby section with links to some wonderful patterns, featuring everything from slippers to hats including toys, nursery items and much more.

Yarn company web sites often feature free crochet patterns. Lion Brand Yarns have over 600 free baby crochet patterns. Red Heart Yarns web site has a hundred free crochet baby patterns, including the Field of Dreams Afghan.

Ravelry’s four thousand plus free crochet patterns, with their thumbnail photographs, will give any crocheter inspiration and ideas. The Baby high top booties look like trainers. The heart shaped baby’s room sign is something very different. Rock a bye baby is charming. Ravelry has free crochet patterns, both modern and traditional for toys, clothes and accessories to suit the most discerning baby, and you really must look at the collection to appreciate its range and variety. Also browsing the thumbnail photographs can help you decide the perfect crochet gift to make for the smallest person on your Christmas list.

It can be quite difficult to decide on the perfect gift to crochet for the baby on your Christmas list. However, looking through the beautiful and innovative free crochet patterns available on the internet will help you to find the perfect Christmas present for that special little person.


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