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Christmas wearth

Updated on December 23, 2014

I love decorating my door with a nice wearth. I like to do a different one each year. For this year I made a nice and easy one from recicled paper.

It is so easy to make and it looks amazing.

For this project you require:

  • paper
  • scisors
  • thread and needle
  • golden paint spray (optional)

My mail box is frequently flooded with catalogs and various other spam mail. So one day last week I got an ideea, what if I would transform all this paper in something else.

The pattern is simple, instead of making stars from paper I made triangles since they are more sturdy and they can be easily punched and no matter what they keep their shape.

Click thumbnail to view full-size


  1. Cut the paper in strips of 1cm .
  2. Take one strip and bend it over towards you creating a triangle
  3. Repeat the action, always bending towards you untill you reach the end of the strip
  4. Once you have about 1cm left from the strip, stop folding. Bend the corner away fro you this time.
  5. The newly created backwards triangle is the closing flap. Bend it towards you and stick it in to the outer pocket of the folded triangle.
  6. Pinch the corners to make it pointy and more stable and there you have it, your first triangle.
  7. Repeat the instructions above untill you have enough for your wreath.
Click thumbnail to view full-size

Once you have enough triangles, you should determine the length of the thread you will youse next.

The thread length will determine the size of the wreath, mine was 1,5m long and resulted in a 20cm diameter wreath.

Secure the end of the string with a knot and start punching the needle through the triangles starting at the whide base of the triangle, until you reavh the endof the string. Close with another knot.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Find the middle of the garland and make a symetric loop than start weaving as tight as possible the remaining garland around the loop.

If done tight enough, the wreath will hold its shape without any other support. If you are not happy with the result or you wish to give it another shape, a heart for example, use a whire as support.

As a finishing touch you may spray paint it, I used golden paint and a ribbon to finish it.

Happy Hollydays.


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