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Churches:How to do Better Graphic Design Cheaper

Updated on March 11, 2016

Two Steps to Do Better Design Cheaper

You're a small church maybe your even brand new? You as the Pastor or Creative Director you have big plans for your media department. You really want to create first rate content. Small churches don't have any less desire to do great media than large churches, the difference is this little word called 'budget'. The budget will not allow you, the small church, to do great media to advertise yourself, to reach the masses, to touch people. Media is a powerful tool. Most of the world actually learns through story and visual elemetns. But good media takes an equally powerful wallet. The other negative thing is that the small church usually does not have someone in house educated enough to do the media the pastor is dreaming about. As a result the pastor tries to be the creative head too and thusly burns himself out. What can be done about this? There are two steps to help you out.

Step 1: Getting the good stuff for cheap. Adobe is the world leader of creative software. I don't know of any design or film studio that does not use their products. Unfortunately Adobe knows what they got and they charge an arm and leg for it. But in their defense, Adobe has the solution. For $10-$20 a month you can get a hold of Creative Cloud from Adobe and have unlimited access to their entire suit of software. This includes but is not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator and much more. In a day in age when software is always being updated this beats buying each software for $500 a pop, only for it to be outdated a few months later. They even have student and teacher options that you can look into getting. Creative cloud is the best new way for the layman to get ahold of the best creative software in the world. This is a great buy and I almost guarantee that you will have 1-3 members who know how to use some of these programs and if not I am certain that you can find some who want to invest in learning them. Even more so we live in the age of Udemy and YouTube where you can get some great lessons on how to use these programs. Udemy has some really great courses.

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Design Samples

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Step 2: Power and Mobility

Step 2: Have the power to run the good stuff. One of the other great things is that you don't have to have these apps on a desktop any more. No, that day is gone, now you can use full strength Photoshop, Illustrator and more on many of the newest tablets. Tablets are far cheaper than desktop computers. You can get a tablet for a third of a cost of a new desktop. Now you can get a mobile computer that has the power of a desktop for running your top notch Adobe softwares.

For example the Surface Pro III from Microsoft has just such a capability. Being an experienced designer I know the value of being able to travel with your work. Mobility is always a good thing. You can take your project on the road with you, over to another country if you wanted. Therefore something like the Surface Pro III would be very ideal. I myself am a Mac guy, but you got to buy what's best for your churches interest. Go ahead and start using Adobes professional products today for as low as the price of 4 coffees and then get a strong mobile device to run them on and your off to the races! Let your creativity flow.

Great Video, Enjoy!

Wrapping It Up

In this post we discussed how your church do better design for cheaper. Adobe Creative Cloud is the best way to get all these powerful products for cheaper. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for each program you can now pay an affordable amount a month for these products. Also get one of the new powerful tablets to run your programs on. Instead of paying thousands for a desktop you can get a tablet that will do just fine. I hope this will help you do better church media for cheaper.


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