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Cinema 4D

Updated on July 10, 2015

Cinema 4D R14

There is a new Cinema 4D R14 on the market with new features such as organic mesh manipulation as you see in ZBrush. This fresh new add on brings a whole range of tools to the table, that will equip you well, so you can create high detailed models with lumps, bumps, patterns and many organic shapes that were hard to recreate in cinema 4d before. Now all your tools are in one place. Creating a head or body with fine detail will now be a lot easier in the new version R14.

Quality of the results

Take a look at this picture the level of detail is spectacular with which colors and good use of 3D space is used. The new engine leaves you feeling empowered, with all the tools you need to create whatever your imagination lets you.

I have worked with this product for years, only as a novice, but the results have always given me inspiration to do more. With tools such as Dynamics, character manipulation, splines, objects,and array of other superb tools which revolutionize the way you work.

What stood out for me most of all was the lighting and rendering engine used. The soft and hard shadows give it a nice effect along with luminosity that then gives it a realistic look. When Cinema 4D renders you will see a draw dropping image that is sharp high quality and rich in color. The only drawback I found was to get good results from animating your production you have to set it to uncompressed images otherwise the animation falls short on resolution and sharpness.

Cinema 4D

3D animation and modelling is huge at the moment, since Toy Story was released we have gone mad over it. Avengers 3D has just been released in cinemas internationally and there was a heavy amount of CGI in it. This seems to be the way forward for many films and artists these days.

Maxon Cinema 4D is full of rich 3D tools, and is one of the best on the market for it's versatile features and superb rendering . With the new release of Cinema 4D R13 they have made huge strides and dramatic changes to enable the user create realistic, dynamic animations.


Polygon modelling is popular in Cinema 4D, you can manipulate the points, faces or edges so you can create an accurate representation whatever your trying to make. The different view points make it easy to model all 4 angles of the object, wire frame or shading can be used too for ease of work flow.


Cinema 4D has an intuitive set of tools for creating animation from key framing a bouncing ball to animating a complicated scene with walking talking characters. You will have grate results. Cmotion, IK chain, joints, skin, muscle......are just some of the many tools at your fingertips for animating and refining your work.

Minimum system requirements

Windows XP, Vista or 7 running on Intel or AMD CPU with SSE2-Support; Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher running on an Intel-based Mac; 1024 MB RAM, DVD ROM drive. Standard DVD installation can take up to 4 GB of disk space.


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      Jacki 3 years ago

      Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imnatropt.