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Clay Processing Success Tips In HubPages

Updated on May 4, 2011


Clay Processing Tips

Many potential sculptors and ceramists have been disillusioned and discouraged from exploiting their creative and viable career due to high cost of purchasing materials and equipments needed for the jobs.

I cannot blame these companies so much for this attitude. It is due to the nature and trend of art in the society. This problem cuts across the globe and its impacts can be felt when pricing an art piece in the gallery or from an art collector.

In this hub, titled Clay Processing Success Tips In HubPages I will teach you how to produce your own processed clay for making ceramic wares or sculptural art pieces, or massive monuments.

There are three ways in which you can benefit for reading and following this lesson or even buying some materials and tools advertised in this hub. They are:

  1. You can improvise for your own ready processed clay, good enough to make world class ceramic wares or sculptural monuments.
  2. The skill can be turned to a viable business through good packaging and explosive advert both online or offline.
  3. You can enrich your resume by adding it as an additional skill and knowledge acquired over time.

Clay Tank

Wooden Rod

Sandy Clay Mesh

Clay Bucket

Sand Grinder

4. Sand/Clay Mesh

You will need this equipment to filter the soft wet clay in the clay tank. The mesh should be fine enough not to allow anything half the size of an ant to pass through. This also depends on what the processed clay is intended for – ceramics or sculpture. It has to be very fine if it is meant to be used for ceramic works.

5. Clay Bucket

This tool should be compulsorily provided for and it’s functions include drying or removing water from the watery filtered clay and make it pasty, plastic and pulpy enough for use. It is made up of Plaster of Paris (P.O.P.)

Plaster of Paris otherwise called P.O.P. is a lime based soil material usually used by construction firms in their work processes. In its solid state, it sucks up water and allows it to pass through to the other side. That is to say, it is permeable in nature. This is that whitish plate you always see inside most home table water filters.

You can improvise for this by rubbing a large bowl with engine oil or any other lubricant with brush apply your wet well mixed P.O.P. on the surface of the oiled bowl. After it is dried up, you can now use the cast bowl as your clay bucket.

6. Sand Grinder

This equipment will be used for grinding the dry, stone hard processed clay in the P.O.P. clay bucket to pigmented form. Any small grain grinder will do this job very well.

Apart from these tools, you also need some essential materials for your newly found lucrative project. These materials include: raw clay, water, plaster of paris, polypropylene sacs, cartons and labels.

Process of Clay Preparation

  1. Collect raw clay from any of the sources mentioned above.
  2. Pour the extracted raw clay into the clay tank.
  3. Add water and stir well with your wooden rod. The quantity of the water can be any measure but such that is good enough for easy passage through the mesh but not too watery for quick drying in the P.O.P. clay bucket.
  4. Place the clay mesh over the clay bucket and pour the watery clay over allowing the mesh to filter it into the improvised clay bucket.
  5. Cover the clay bucket with large textile covering cut into a large sheet. This is to protect the clay from dirt or unwanted litter falling in.
  6. Allow the clay in the bucket to dry or drain its water. This cannot be achieved in a day. So, allow for about 10 days plus depending on the clay’s liquidity. You may remove the time tag and just keep an occasional watch on the clay until it is fully dried.
  7. When the clay is fully dried into stones and chips, you can now grind them into fine powder form with your sand grinder.
  8. Weigh and pack your pigment into poly sacs then to cartons in equal measures and seal tightly with appropriate sealing materials for both sac and the carton.
  9. Provide a very attractive label, well illustrated for perfect advert blast. I can help you do this with affordable and cheap price on your request through my contact portal on this page.

I hope to hear about your successful clay processing business blowing the market very soon. Cherio!


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    • micadeolu profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Adewale Olubode 

      6 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      Plaster of Paris does not absorb water but rather it allows water to pass through it. So if you create a P.O.P (Plaster of Paris)on top of a wood, this will not disturb it being permeable to water. The only thing you will experience is, if the wood is made to be a bow or container to house the POP, that there might be excessive water accumulated because of the passing of water from the P.O.P.

      Hope this is clear friend?

    • profile image

      Plaster of Paris mold question 

      6 years ago

      Greetings Micadeolu,

      Do you happen to know - if I create plaster of paris slab on top of wood, will it still absorb as much water as it would if it were free standing, or build on sand? I am processing clay which I harvest locally for my own use. Many thanks! Heather

    • Joshua Kell profile image

      Levi Joshua Kell 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Well, thank you micadeolu. This was vary sensible and informative article. I like clay, as it reminds me of who I am. Besides that it is fun to play with. God bless you M. Long time no hear....

    • micadeolu profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Adewale Olubode 

      7 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      Do you want to start a good clay processing business? Do you need materials and tools for your clay processing project? Read and click on these adverts in this page and get linked up to your destination. You will thank me for doing so.


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