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Collaboration for a Comfortable Future

Updated on May 1, 2013
Untitled by Daniel Hosmer
Untitled by Daniel Hosmer

This is a beacon to passionate individuals wanting to bring more life into their art, and more art into their life. I have spent some time trying to decide what exactly it is that would make me happy, and how I can make that a forward moving part of my life. What I now realize is that I don’t want something that will make me happy, I want something that will make many people happy.

I dream of an organized collaboration between artists that share the same interest of creating thought-provoking and visually appealing pieces, but with different ideas on the execution of such a goal. Not that I am looking for disputes, but rather a constant flow of new, clashing and melding inspirations to create a beautiful final products, and to want to continue to do this in order to spread positive vibrations to the everyone that could use them.

I do realize this is a vague description, and that the initiation of similar ideas been attempted before, but it has not succeeded at the scale I would like to see it achieve. I do not necessarily want to put too many ideas forth that may or may not be pertinent to the group that comes together, but I do want to meet others that are honest, dedicated, thoughtful, interesting artists that want to turn their passions into a living while creating things for the benefit of any and all viewers.

This could be something such as a continuous street art/mural project that brings color to the bleak industrial canvases we often call home, or a situated work/sale space for the creation of an art spot that never gets redundant because of the many contributors, the specifics are not yet important. What is important is bringing people together that truly care, and that take respectable pride in their work, to create a support system that keeps us all aloft, doing the things we love.

What I am asking for now to bring this idea to its next steps towards reality is your collaboration and ideas. We need to ask things like: What kind of art production do you think would be successful on a continuous basis (themes, media, sizes)? Should we constantly be changing? What do you do best and why do you do it? How many people do we need/want before we can spread the word? What is the best way to spread the word? What kind of art do people want in their houses or neighborhoods? What is the best environment for comfort and creativity? How can we make the workspace interesting and dynamic? How serious are you about making your creations into a way of life? How can we bring more passionate individuals to us? How can we make this a project that the people working on care about on a personal level?

If you have any interest, and are willing to devote the time and effort to make your creative ideas into a successful business, please do not hesitate to post some thoughts.

Thank you


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