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Photo Editing - Color Focus

Updated on March 18, 2016
Labrador Dog
Labrador Dog

Color Focus - Photo Editing

Brand new post, this time I will tackle on how to make your own photos to a nice color focus. This could be a great help when you are really into blogging, hubbing and everything you need to post. No need to buy photos or even copy photos from any search engines. All you need to have is your own photos and photo editing tools.

Talking about the tools there are many photo editing tools out there and one thing is the best so far for me and still using it, "Adobe Photoshop". You can also try editing it first in your camera if it have a photo editing feature. Right now we will focus on how to make a wonderful Color Focus using Photoshop.

Let's get this started, first and for most get ready your beautiful photo you want to edit mine is our dog named "Mahal". I capture this during my visit at home and have some time playing with her. But never mind so first I pick on an image that can really give focus to a color that well standout with the background of it is defocus or somewhat blurred.

So using photoshop open the image and you may edit or adjust it's coloring, levels, curves, saturation and etc. after you fill good at it you may defocus the background or just turn the background black and white just like what I did to it. Be sure to separate the common color of the part you want to focus mine would be the dog color everything under the color brown. I want to give highlight on the dog's color. After adjusting the color to be focus and background to be black and white you need to give highlight on the color like, giving life on it. It could be more darker depending on your personal standards. For me I want it to be emphasize a little bit of dark and a light in between. Then save it and your done. You can post your first color focus online. Who knows maybe someone will buy your image.

Until next time for the upcoming, more techniques and ideas on Photo Editing.

Photography Color Focus Tutorial
Photography Color Focus Tutorial | Source

Try to check out this reference 'Photography - How To Do Color Focus on your Photo' as well to get to know more and learn more.


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      Light Ice 6 years ago from Cebu City out for more....=)

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      midnitessummer 6 years ago

      How beautiful!