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Colors Around

Updated on June 9, 2015

World is surely filled with colors and there is nothing without colorful world. So here are some eyebrow raisers about colors. Sit back and enjoy.


The world’s most popular color is Blue. Yes, a survey conducted by Global firms said that people picked up Blue as their favorite color followed by purple. It is not only for the humans but mosquitoes love blue color too so be aware.


Men and women see color red differently. It has nothing to do with male chauvinism or feminism but it’s all about the gene. Women can see more of the variants of red color. Also the first color as the baby sees is this color. They can identify red easily. When red mixed with yellow, it will make you hungry that is why food giants use the combination of red and yellow to make us feel hungry. Also an interesting myth is that bulls have problem with the color red, bulls don’t have color preferences.


It is the best soothing color and pleasant too. Pink also reduces the stress and therefore to some patients and prisoners the mental health care and other departments uses pink as a facility to bring them under control.


It is the color of Brain. If this color is not present then we won’t be able to process the light signals that comes from the outer space. Also green color has the properties to calm down a hassled mind, next to pink.


It is recognized as the best color for car as it is clearly visible on roads and in almost every whether. Of course yellow is the most visible but obviously not yellow for your luxurious car.


It is the color of happiness and is also considered as an auspicious color. In ancient times, this color was taken as it would bring wealth and prosperity. And for the debate that whether the color of fruit orange is orange that is why it is called orange or simply orange and has nothing to do with color? What’s your thoughts?


It is said that this color, yes this one, can create nausea because of the excessive stimulation to the eye and is also considered the most irritating color.


In 2001, nearly 200,000 galaxies were researched and it gave us the average color of our galaxy which is mostly beige and white in color.


This rivalry is as old and this has also created a rivalry for scientist vs. painters. The former say that white is the mixture of all colors and black is the absence of all colors whereas the latter say the vice versa. The disputed color mixture is recognized by human differently. Also black and white colors are forgettable and therefore one can remember more when shown in colorful form rather than black and white.


Suddenly switch off the light, just before the complete darkness you will see a dark grey color which will take over the room which is called Eigengru.


There is a unique disease called chromo phobia, which means the fear of colors.

The taste of food depends on the color of dishes. Yes! An experiment has revealed that orange and red plates and cups would make the food tastier rather than brown.

The color wheel was invented by Sir Newton which showed that shades are obtained by mixing the primary colors. Of which the main colors are Yellow, Red and Blue.

And finally the most amazing thing, Colors don’t exist, it’s all in your head. Yes! It is absolutely true. Technically what happens is brain tries to make sense of signals which it receives from the outside world and which results in colors.


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    • Akshay07 profile image

      Akshay Singh 2 years ago from India

      Glad to hear that and thank you for spreading colors. By the way went through your Hub Writers Have to Write. Right? really and awesome Hub. Great Job.

    • MarieLB profile image

      MarieLB 2 years ago from YAMBA NSW

      Hi Akshay Singh, Most people like colors when they see them, and I bet most people would enjoy your article as I did. Thanks, Great hub!