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Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Updated on June 20, 2016

What makes a website popular and personalized? What features distinguish websites from each other? Why do users give preference to certain sites and do not consider other resources easy-to-use? These are only a few questions that worry most web designers when they are going to work on their projects. The fact is that there are certain rules one should follow to make a website a success. Likewise, there are common mistakes that should better be avoided to make the entire web design process effective. Listed below are the most widespread web design mistakes.

The Availability of the Search Box

A high quality website usually consists of a number of pages that deliver much information. This amount of information can easily confuse a user. That is why the availability of the search box is not only desirable, but essential. Whether it is a simple blog or a complex business website, a search box may help a visitor find the information he/she needs.

Seamless Navigation

Website navigation should be seamless to make users able to find the info they need in the most effective and easy way. There are different approaches to developing website navigation and each web designer is free to choose the most suitable solution, which will complement the overall design of the resource. The only thing you should keep in mind is that, regardless of the complexity of your project, your website navigation should be consistent, smooth and intuitive. This will help users get their way around the website.

Readable Texts

No matter how complicated and unique your project is, users will not have any desire to keep browsing through it if the fonts and the texts published at the resource are not legible and readable. Do not forget about the well-known “7-seconds” rule, which states that users, who do not get what they need from a website they have found, are more likely to abandon it in about 7 seconds. One of the reasons that can make them refuse from further browsing through the resource is poorly readable texts, which can spoil the overall website search experience.

Poorly Organized Website Content

What is the main mission of website creation? The answer to the suggested question seems quite understandable, because most users go online to find specific content. That is exactly why content should always be a priority. This is the key to the site’s success and popularity. The way the content is organized and structured affects the ease of search. Some web designers overlook this aspect and do not consider it important to outline headings, paragraphs, keywords and other parts of the text that make it readable and understandable. As a result, this makes the content not that clear and distinct. So, if you aim at making your site successful, always pay attention to the content you publish. Make it interesting, easy to read and understand, concise and well-organized.

Mind the Simplicity of Registration Forms

If your website involves the registration procedure (which is often a necessity), try to make the process as easy as possible. It is no longer popular to fill out dozens of fields in a registration form, because this distracts the user’s attention from the initial aim of his/her visit. In many cases, by the way, users have to repeat this action over and over again, which certainly frustrates them. As a result, they just abandon the site and keep looking for a more user-friendly resource. If you do not want this to happen, keep in mind that users surf the web to find the info they need and they won’t like to undergo complex registration procedures. That’s clear.

That being said, you should understand that the above mentioned web design mistakes can prevent you and your users from reaching the goals you have set. Luckily, these mistakes can easily be avoided if you analyze your web design approach.


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