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Common Woodworking Supplies: Know What To Buy

Updated on August 10, 2010

Common Woodworking Supplies: Know What To Buy

Woodworking is a hobby that can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re planning to get into it professionally or just have a bit of fun with it in your spare time, it’s important to purchase the proper woodworking supplies. While there are over one hundred different woodworking supplies you could pick from, if you’re just starting your collection there are a few pieces that are most important. After you’ve gotten your woodworking supplies you can get started on different projects and start showing off your skills.

To get started, hand tools are the first tools you want to get started with. You’re going to use hand tools quite often, especially for smaller projects. Guides, jigs and stands to work on are also important and a few of the most basic and important woodworking tools. Jigsaws help to ensure precision cuts in your wood and can take some time to master but are sure to quickly become one of your favorite woodworking tools.

When you’re getting started in woodworking you’re going to want to start keeping a book of different projects as you go. Even the expert woodworkers need at least a guide to follow and by starting up your own collection you’ll have a project list you can turn to and rely on. You’re going to want to get lighting pieces, and in particular a lamp that you can hang above you would work well. This way you can see what you’re working on, and because most people do their woodworking in their garage or an otherwise dimly lit space, this is usually quite important.

Anyone getting into woodworking needs to supply themselves with the appropriate safety gear.  You shouldn’t be starting on any woodworking projects until you’re completely protected.  Especially if you have allergies the last thing you want is to have dust and debris flying in your nose or getting in your throat.  Safety equipment is some of the most important woodworking gear of all.

Remember it’s important to choose quality pieces rather than trying to save a buck and getting cheaper items. For woodworking it’s going to be much more worthy an investment if you spend a bit more money to get better quality pieces. Always clean your tools after using them, to keep them shiny and sharp. You should sharpen your knives and jigsaw blades on a monthly basis.


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