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Building A Gazebo - An Additional Outdoor Room

Updated on July 2, 2017
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Tricia Deed is a freelance writer of arts and crafts. She enjoys bringing an array of different projects to your attention.

Outdoor Gazebo

A gazebo in a wooded area for a quiet get-a-way.
A gazebo in a wooded area for a quiet get-a-way. | Source

American Gazebos

Gazebos have been around for thousands of years as an addition to the main house, to grace a garden setting, a get-a-way, spiritual retreat, or for entertainment.

Gazebos have been in and out in American architecture dependent on the types of houses which were being constructed. Sometime during the 1980’s these structures have become popular as an additional structure to the house or to highlight a garden.

Most of us were introduced to gazebos when visiting historical home sites or attending a band concert in a public outdoor park. Families would bring their blankets and refreshments and claim a location on the lawn to spread their blankets and sit a while.

A Community Gazebo

A modern style community gazebo set in the middle of a garden.
A modern style community gazebo set in the middle of a garden. | Source

Gazebo Styles

  1. Traditional or Victorian influence
  2. Tropical influence – thatched roof
  3. Oriental – pagoda style roof
  4. Modern - simple classic lines
  5. Rustic – a collection of assorted woods
  6. Personally customized
  7. Permanent or portable

Gazebo Defined

What is a gazebo? My personal definition would describe this structure as a singular ornamental open porch with or without a roof or railings. It can be of a simple design or very ornamental.

Build a wooden gazebo on your property. It is a wood crafting project which will increase the value of your property. The wooden constructed gazebo has both practical and beautiful purposes.

If you are a romantic, the gazebo will house many memories of gatherings with friends and family members. Picnics, birthday parties, a wedding, a graduation, various meetings, band shell for a yard party, family reunions,and a favorite quiet retreat.

If the gazebo is being built for functional purposes then it is a serviceable building for your interests and hobbies. Garden plants, band practicing, meetings, outdoor painting studio, exercise room, and a workshop.

Home and Garden Gazebos

A front yard gazebo decorated for the Christmas holiday.
A front yard gazebo decorated for the Christmas holiday. | Source

Gazebo Types

There are basically two types of gazebos for the residential owner. The first is a building which is being designed for personal and recreational use. This building should or usually matches the architecture of the house.

The second type of gazebo for the residential owner would be the garden gazebo. Its design should compliment the garden.

Each of these buildings should be designed with its intended purpose. These buildings will add value to the property and therefore its design needs to be carefully planned.

Constructing the wooden gazebo will cost more than metal, vinyl, and portable units. But, the traditional home has more value than a mobile home or a tent. The intended purpose and the budget will determine if there is an interest in permanent or temporary construction.

Tropical, Pagoda, and Water's Edge Gazebos

A beautiful gazebo build along the edge of a pond.
A beautiful gazebo build along the edge of a pond. | Source

Gazebo Usages

The gazebo building has many uses. It is an additional room which may be built within a house, attached, or stand alone. This additional room is being built to fulfill your lifestyle.

The building is of simple construction with a shingled roof or an open roof. A fabric canopy, screening, or sheer fabric may be utilized instead of a permanent roof.

The fabric canopy will offer some shade, the screening will help to minimize mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects, and the sheer fabric adds a touch of elegance. The open roof may be used as a trellis for crawling vines.

The building may have open or closed sides. The interior ceiling may house a fan. For permanent enclosure use glass panels or windows and add a heating and cooling system,

Other gazebo suggestions:

  1. Music and dancing
  2. Chapel
  3. Art studio
  4. Dining, outdoor kitchen, or barbeque setup
  5. Plant display
  6. Games
  7. Hot tub enclosure
  8. Compliment the swimming pool area
  9. Conversations
  10. A quiet retreat for reading or meditation
  11. Gardening and stool storage
  12. A children's playhouse

Alpine Gazebo

Build a gazebo that makes sense with your mountain location.
Build a gazebo that makes sense with your mountain location. | Source

Gazebo Designs and Accessories

The design of the gazebo can include many different forms depending on your design interest. These structures can be square, rectangular, octagonal, and round. Build any size which you wish. The overall design can be simple and plain or ornate and elegant. It can be customized to match the main house or a special garden setting.

Accessories may be separate or constructed into the design. Your wood crafting skills may be put to use building any one of these items.

List of some accessories:

  1. Table and chairs
  2. Benches
  3. Swing
  4. Planters and hanging plant baskets
  5. Snack or wet bar
  6. Working counters and shelving
  7. Storage chests

Simple Outdoor Cedar Rest Booth

This resting booth constructed of cedar wood makes an excellent architectural idea for a sunny pathway.
This resting booth constructed of cedar wood makes an excellent architectural idea for a sunny pathway. | Source

Gazebo Construction Costs

Research, plan, and gathers costs. The prices will differ depending on the shape, size, quality, and the details.

The least expensive gazebo is the overnight installation. Likewise, it will last about as long as it took to install it.

A permanent structure will add value to your property and is well worth the investment for the quality and the longevity of the building.

Three things for which you may wish to hire professionals:

  1. Land excavation
  2. Site preparation of the land
  3. Pouring of concrete

True, it may cost less if you are a do it yourself type of person. Other costs will be the building materials, accessory supplies, and tools. Do not forget to check zoning and licensing permits.

As a woodworker you may have many of the tools which are needed for the building. However, saws and some other types of equipment may need to be rented or purchased.

Cedar wood which is the best will cost approximate $2500 to $3500. Again it depends on the size of the building or if you will be mixing your types of lumbers. Pressure treated woods will range from $1200 to $4000. This wood costs will be variable depending where you live.

The roof is usually made from shingles unless you prefer a cedar roof. The size of the roof determines the cost. Asphalt will be about $5000 and Cedar will be two or three times more. Hardware fasteners $500 to $700.

Your diy labor will save thousands of dollars.

Shop using findings at new construction, demolition sites, discount lumber and hardware stores, or being alert to discounted sales at your local box stores.

There are many variables in the cost therefore I cannot honestly quote accurate prices.

Gazebo Construction

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