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Contemporary Steel Table Top Sculptures

Updated on March 17, 2016
jbosh1972 profile image

I work in metal. I love abstract metal art. I am an avid learner and always growing.

Multi Colored Shapes

A hand welded 3D steel sculpture made from 16 gauge sheet.
A hand welded 3D steel sculpture made from 16 gauge sheet. | Source

Table Sculptures Take Center Stage

If you are reading this you are probably at least somewhat familiar with home d├ęcor. A large part of what is available is wall mounted. Lets face it, Even a small piece can enhance an entire wall, and they do not take up too much valuable square footage in the home or office. Does that mean you should leave dining tables, entry way tables or even decorative shelves bare? That would be a shame! Making a bold statement while enhancing your table should be easy with the metal sculptures featured here.

Minimalist Steel Center piece


Modern Steel Table Sculpture

Depending on the size and location of your table, you may need A sculpture that is tall yet slender with a rather small footprint. Whether you are using it on your entry way table or your small intimate dining room table for two, this modern steel table top sculpture is an ideal choice.

This is a minimalist sculpture painted in very modern gloss white and black with metallic colorede accents. It is made entirely of upcylced metal pieces and hand welded together. It stands 29 inches tall on a triangular steel plate base 8 inches long and four inches wide. Add some class to any decor with this attention getting display of metal excellence.

Whimsical Curves

This is a picture of my artwork
This is a picture of my artwork | Source

Curves and Spheres

Perhaps you are looking a for a sculpture that is spontaneous and semi organic yet brightly colored. Take for instance this Whimsical Curves steel sculpture. Its gentle and natural curves were bent with the metal cold by hand. It was not done with huge amounts of force. The metal was pretty much allowed to "do its thing" once secured to bending form or jig. The thin gauged ribbon was created in a spiral from 16 gauge steel. A flat bar 1/8" thick and 1 inch wide was gentle bent in a jig to a gentle wide open "C". shape. The gently curved piece was routed through the spiral and secured with tack welds. A solid 2 inch diameter steel ball was welded to the flat bar at the top. This initially made the sculpture top heavy. So a thick square of solid steel was used as a base to counter the weight of the ball on top. The whole piece was given a dazzling pearl acrylic paint job. The most eyecatching part is the spiral ribbon painted in iridescent magenta.

Whimsical Curves Rear View

This is the rear view of the above sculpture
This is the rear view of the above sculpture | Source

Bold Triangular Table Sculpture

A bold 3 D triangular welded steel table sculpture
A bold 3 D triangular welded steel table sculpture | Source

Make A Bold Statement With A 3D Triangular Sculpture

I do not know why, but something is striking about straight geometric lines in 3 D design. This is especially true of 3 D traingular and pyramid forms. The Contemporary Dimensional Triangle Sculpture is no exception to this rule. Each side was meticulously measured out and carefully cut from 16 gauge sheet metal. Once cut and burrs removed, each side was skillfully tack welded into place. Then I went with a torch and fusion welded until each corner was seamless. Then the heat tarnished steel was ground with an angle grinder to bring a bright shine and shimmering finish which was later sealed with clear coat. A 1/4 inche rectangular steel plate was used for a mounting base. A whimsical small curve was welded to the top to create interest and add form and distinction to the piece. It was painted with a transparent lacquer in a gradient of shades from red to orange.

Favorite Type of Sculpture

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Multicolored Shapes

3 D hand welded steel sculpture
3 D hand welded steel sculpture | Source

Multicolored Shapes 3

Close up of 3D Sculpture
Close up of 3D Sculpture | Source

3D Multicolored table sculpture

With the 3D triangular piece we saw the impact of bold 3D geometry and interesting metallic textures. A further enhancement on the concept would be a multicolored and accented sculpture. The contemporary 3D multicolored sculpture featured in the photos above meets that criteria nicely. Mild steel was grinded to a glistening finish and the accent shapes were welded on. A contrasting braze weld was added for functional and decorative purposes. To give this piece pop, 3 colors of transparent lacquers were used on the accent shapes then the whole piece was clear coated for protection.

Whimsical Stainless Closeup

Close up view of stainless steel sculpture.
Close up view of stainless steel sculpture. | Source

Stainless Steel for sophistication

When making abstract metal table top sculptures, adding stainless steel to the composition can take it to the next level. This is especially true if the mild steel is vividly colored. Check out this composition with the contrast of the cool elegant silver luster of the stainless set against a colored steel background adds pop to the whole piece. The design possibilities of stainless with colored mild steel are endless.

The key is joining stainless steel to mild steel for maximum effect.This is a relatively simple task to accomplish. You can either braze weld the stainless alloy to the mild steel or stick weld it. There are a few different coated electrodes for joining stainless steels to stainless or to mild steel alloys.

Check out the whimsical stainless sculpture in the photos right and below. The brightly colored mild steel accents seem to float on the stainless steel supports.

Whimsical Stainless Steel Art



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    • Anniething profile image

      Theodora 3 years ago from Greece

      A very interesting and creatice Hub. Keep up the good work in your creativity.

    • wellingtonboot profile image

      wellingtonboot 2 years ago from U.K.

      Love these...especially the one with the red swirl!

    • jbosh1972 profile image

      Jason 2 years ago from Indianapolis, IN. USA

      Oh thank you! All these were quite enjoyable to create. Be sure to check out my shop at

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