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Mastering Corel Painter

Updated on October 24, 2014

Corel Master Painter Heather Michelle

17-Jack by Heather Michelle-1
17-Jack by Heather Michelle-1 | Source

Digital Painting with Corel Painter

If you're a traditional painter as I am you'll find that this program will achieve your goals digitally. The creative possibilities you have with the Natural-Media brushes, and paper textures are enough to blow your mind. They look and feel just like traditional art materials minus the mess.

I'm stoked about the revolutionary brand new Particle Brushes. You can seamlessly work in Photoshop and bring your PSD'S into painter and back again for printing.

I have sprinkled this hub with paintings by William Bouguereau because he's my favorite "Old Master Painter"

Intro to Corel Painter With Heather Michelle

Become PPA Certified

Many Corel Painters are also Photographers and combine both to create their masterpieces. PPA is great way to maximize your knowledge.

"More photographers get into the industry every day, but few know how to profitably run a business and many don’t know where to turn for support. That’s why Professional Photographers of America (or PPA) was started back in 1869, and that’s why we exist today."

Created and led by professional photographers, PPA is a non-profit international photography association that helps those serious about photography live their dreams profitably.

To do that, we…

  • Lead the way in educating photographers on business and technical skills to help them/you grow and succeed beyond what they/you believed possible.
  • Connect photographers with other great minds in the industry—via online and live classes, consultations and conventions—to spread best practices, new ideas and strong networks of support.
  • Protect photographers’ livelihoods with benefits, such as copyright advocacy, malpractice protection and equipment insurance.

Over 27,000 pro photographers rely on PPA now, and we are always looking for and investing in new ways to provide the resources and support they/you need. How can we help you?

PPA Website

What can you create with this amazing piece of software?

  • Photo Art

  • Traditional Art

  • Illustration

Digital Brushes

“Painter 2015 features incredible new physics-inspired Particle Brushes that let you experience ultimate chaotic creativity or pinpoint precision. Use the world's most revolutionary paint program to produce unreal brushstrokes that spring, flow, glow and gravitate onto the canvas, or choose from a huge selection of realistic Natural-Media brushes to create stunning contemporary digital art.”

Portrait Face Painting with Portrait Photographer and Painter Master Helen Yancy

Master Corel Painter Helen Yancy

Helen Yancy
Helen Yancy | Source

Helen Yancy

"No other American artist or photographer has received as many international honors or more professional acclaim than Helen Yancy. But it is the ability to please clients with artful images that provide Helen with her greatest satisfaction. This ability flows from her passion about art, life, family, and people."

"Helen Yancy has earned the rare distinction of being the first person in the world to receive every degree and honor presented by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the largest and most prestigious professional photographic association in the world."

"Corel Painter has set me free! I can embrace all worlds of painting and drawing, and express myself in new and exciting ways. If I ever suffered from burnout, Painter changed that, and has done so for so many of my students. For a long time, I was one of the very first evangelists for Painter in the photographic world. Now, many of my students are enjoying success as well, and several are teaching too."

Helen Yancy Website

Your Favorite Traditional Painter?

Pick Your Favorite!

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William-Adolphe Bouguereau
William-Adolphe Bouguereau | Source

Award Winning Corel Master Painter Heather Michelle

I'm a huge fan of Heather Michelle she's a Corel Master Painter and has won numerous awards for her digital paintings.

I have taken one on one classes with Heather and have bought her DVD's to better learn Corel Painting. I have never had a better art teacher in all my years of study.

She is a brilliant artist who gives back to the community with her knowledge and I for one appreciate her talents and I am always eager to learn from her.

If I were you I'd run to her site and buy a DVD ASAP!

Heather's Website

Painting by Heather Michelle

Painting by Heather Michelle
Painting by Heather Michelle | Source

Painting Animals with Corel Master Heather Michelle

Heather Michelle Quick Clone Part 1

William Bouguereau - Dear Bird _1867_

William Bouguereau - Dear Bird _1867_
William Bouguereau - Dear Bird _1867_ | Source

Corel Master Painters

Who is your favorite?

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Wacom Cintiq

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display (DTK1300)
Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display (DTK1300)

If you are lucky enough to afford one of these run don't walk and get it today. It's wonderful to be able to paint directly on the screen.


A Complete Digital Art Studio

“Immerse yourself in the world's most realistic paint program without having to think about the technology behind it.”

“Paint your passion with custom brushes, media and art tools that are as unique as you are.“

Brush Tracking Utility

“Now you can control and customize pressure-sensitive memory to virtually any brush.”

Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements

“Inspired by professional Painter artists, these time saving arrangements include new Brushes, Illustration, Cloning and Minimal UI options that allow you to easily switch between tools and optimize your painting environment.”

RealBristle™ Painting & Wacom tablet compatibility

Discover why RealBristle technology replicates traditional art materials more realistically than any other software. Control color intensity and shading simply by adjusting the angle and pressure of the pen on your tablet.

Smart photo-painting tools

Transform photos into paintings using the powerful cloning and photo-painting tools of Painter 2015. Clone images by hand or let the Auto-Painting palette paint a photo for you using your choice of brush and media. The SmartStroke™ brush technology follows lines and contours in your picture just like a real artist would.

Wacom Tablet

To effectively use Corel Painter you'll need a Wacom Tablet

  • Quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork using natural pen control
  • Wireless accessory kit included
  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity in both pen tip and eraser
  • 8 customizable application specific Express Keys
  • Multi-function touch ring with 4 customizable functions
  • Software download instructions included

The generous workspace of the large Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Tablet is designed to accommodate artistic styles that require a full-range of motion and creative professionals who work in large formats. Designed for creativity and those who seek professional results, this Intuos Pro pen tablet combines Wacom's finest pressure sensitive pen capabilities and intuitive multi-touch gestures. It gives you the power to produce professional results with the precision and control you demand from your creative software.

Painting for Photographers Volume 1

Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Volume 2: Steps and Art Lessons for Painting Children’s Portraits from Photos in Corel Painter 12
Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Volume 2: Steps and Art Lessons for Painting Children’s Portraits from Photos in Corel Painter 12

I can't say enough how much I love this book. Get it today and start learning Corel Painter the easy way.



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      So very cool to read. It is a real pleasure to meet you.

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