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Corporate photographer London

Updated on July 7, 2014

Business portrait in North London

Corporate photographer London
Corporate photographer London

This is one of my recent corporate headshots taken in North London last week. I really enjoyed this corporate photography commission as the business man was really up for the shoot and had allowed plenty of time to get a good set of portraits. He was open to my suggestions and let me guide him through the session. The result was a really good portfolio for his company and will certainly help with their PR and marketing. I would like to hear back from any other photographers or designers that have been on a photo shoot and had unwilling subjects and how they have dealt with this situation. I have been a corporate photographer for 20 years and have felt that I deal with this better than most and have subtle techniques to get a good portrait out of a difficult sitter, but would be very interested to hear any tips.

Corporate photographer London © Grantly Lynch


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