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Craft Your Stash by Lisa Fulmer | Crafts Book Review

Updated on August 27, 2015
5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Craft Your Stash Review
Book Cover of 'Craft Your Stash' by Lisa Fulmer
Book Cover of 'Craft Your Stash' by Lisa Fulmer | Source

Lisa asked me to review her book ! Yay !

I couldn't have been happier when i received a review copy of 'Craft Your Stash' by my craft mate Lisa Fulmer. I met Lisa yonks ago when I was streaming live paper crafting tutorials online and we used to take it in turn to 'visit' each others. I do miss those days.

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I Didn't Know She was Writing a Book

I cheered Lisa when she was a competitor on Craft Wars, a fun show on TLC where crafters battled to win a great prize and Lisa won together with Andrea Currie (another online craft mate of mine).

So, little did I know that Lisa had this great project going: a book about crafting your existing stash. I'm not surprised, though, as she's so multitalented, I know it feels like I'm gushing but, honestly, to meet Lisa is to love her, many a time her cheerful self has picked me up when I was in a dark place.


The Book Consists of 4 Sections

You can understand why I said yes when Lisa asked me to help her promote her book and join this bloghop, I didn't hesitate for one minute.

This book is 88 pages chock-block of ideas and projects, it consists of 4 sections on top of the introduction:

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Organizing Your Stash

  • Design Basics

  • Projects (which fills most of the book)

As soon as I started reading it, I felt instantly that it's one of those book one will refer back to, again and again; it has that evergreen quality which means that it won't age like other books even when crafting's trends are bound to change, eventually. It's a keeper.


Tools and Techniques

Lisa starts with a wonderful craft primer explaining what to get 'Stash Essential': general tools; cutting n punching and measuring; paints, inks and adhesives and finally embellishing. You really get a sense that she knows how overwhelming it can be for a beginner so Lisa made sure to set up the basics of crafting and properly.

She segues into Techniques mentioning acrylics, inks and mediums explaining how various mediums can enhance acrylic paints and change their textures. There's a section about brushes, stamps and pads as well as adhesives. Some sections seem brief but don't be tricked, they're full of useful information and I had to give some a second read as the tips are packed so you'll want to refer to them in the near future (pencil at the ready to mark the best bits, me think).


Organising Your Stash

This section of Lisa's book is worth the purchase price, alone; let's face it, us crafters, we are very good at buying stash but how many of you can raise their hand thinking you could be the next candidate for 'Hoarders' ? Yes I thought so...

I honestly admire Lisa's candour as she admits that she doesn't always follow what she preaches but in all honesty....who does. Yet she took the time to lay out the foundation of craft sorting bliss and I believe she cracked it. Using items you'll find in any home combined with those made for stationery, you'll soon discover that sorting and making your stash tidy doesn't have to 'hurt'. I personally like the cupcake display stand (on page 16), since we don't use cupcake stands everyday why not using them for those nagging bits that end up at the back of your craft desk...oh you don't have a cupcake stand, well there's something else to add to your list ! (wink)

Lisa has the knack to find storage solutions in all sorts of nook and crannies and you'll have a few 'lightbulb' moments as you read through her storage tips.


Design Basics

Being the penultimate section just before the projects one to follow, Design Basics takes briefly to colour, balance and texture where you'll learn in succinct manner how to pick the right colours for your project and combine them so they don't clash; balance in your design efforts as how to create an eye pleasing layout or design and finally texture (I love this woman) which is my ultimate 'must have' when I create my own handmade greeting cards, I always feel that I haven't finished until I have something one wants to reach out and touch, well Lisa explains very well indeed why texture is important in your projects.



At last the projects' section, you get nineteen (19) fun projects that will inspire you. A full on variety craft 'bucket' if I may say so, using fabric, paper and other mediums such as paints and vinyls, if these projects won't get your craft mojo back, I don't know what will.

My favourites are the Mosaic Tile Drops (on page 66) and the Reversible Square Mats (on page 81), I also like the Greeting card projects because our Lisa is one sharp tack, she lets you in on a secret about cardmaking: it's more fun using sketches. You get eight (8) sketches to get you going and I've already made a note to have a go next time I need a quick cardmaking fix.



Lisa Fulmer has achieved, I believe, what she wanted to convey: crafting using your existing stash can be fun and shouldn't be taxing. Lisa has a quick and witty style to explain on how to go about things but make no mistake, she's a craft pro and knows her stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed this book of hers and I could see with the corner of my eye that my stash is 'trembling'.... I'm off to try one of her projects.

There's Three Ways You can Purchase Lisa's Great Book :

1. Signed copies for sale on

2. Local craft and book stores


I received a free copy of the book so that I can review it and I'm free to keep it.


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