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Craft for Baby Room

Updated on June 26, 2012

DIY Mobile for Baby's Room

I've done this several times, and it is an easy, inexpensive project that will be a beautiful addition to any nursery!


  • Origami or Scrapbook Paper
  • Clear bead cord, thread, fishing line, or similar string (I like to use thread)
  • Glue
  • Circular metal craft hoop
  • clear beads (optional for additional weight)


There are several ways to do this craft, depending on your skill level/desired look.

Option 1. Look up basic origami animal designs online. I learned how to make origami shapes very easily. There are even apps that give you step by step animated instructions. Cranes, flowers, birds, butterflies, penguins, giraffes, etc are all simple folds that create really pretty art.

Option 2. Cut or Punch out your design. 2 dimensional mobiles are also really pretty. This is quicker if you have a shape puncher or are handy with scissors.

The rest of instructions are the same for either way you choose.

Make about 50-60 cut outs or 20-30 origami shapes. You can do more or less, but these give you a good sized mobile.

Cut pieces of string to different lengths varying from 12in. to 16in. It can be as many as 30 or more or as few as 10.

Attach the end of a string to each piece. Secure a bead with it to give some additional weight if needed. Sometimes the cord is curly.

For the cut-out option, you can string multiple cut-outs on one string using a needle to poke through each piece. Just tie a knot in the desired spot before sliding each one on.

When you are done attaching your strands, tie them around the metal hoop. Attach 4 more long strands of thread and tie in a knot at the top for hanging purposes.

Once you are done, just hang from the ceiling over the crib with a hook!



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