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10 Crazy Witch Tattoos

Updated on October 25, 2014

Witch tattoos will probably never go out of style. Why you may ask. Well, people are usually just astounded by magic, not to mention the Halloween season is around the corner, so more magic. Besides, after Harry Potter, the love for witches has grown, however, they may not be the witches people usually refer to. At any rate, such movies have changed the outlook on witches, and it is no surprise that people are willing to have their skin inked in order to be associated with them. You may think that it still cannot be the most common practice, but it is. You may also wonder what tattooing possibilities there are in association with witches, well, leave it on us to answer those question.

We pondered the web to look for some of the most amazing examples, and trust us, it did not take that long. Having said that, this list is about all the different things you can possibly do with different inks and witch symbols. They not only look good, but they can also serve as a symbol of strength. Go through the list and see if there are tattoos that you like. Witch tattoos can also serve to become some of the most unique tattoos for girls, so let us know what you think in the comments below.

Colored Witch, Candles and Phrase

A colored witch with a witch’s hat, a fortune telling card, possibly a spell and some candles.

Black Ink, Long Hair, Cloaked, and Pentagram

One of more evil looking witches with pentagram necklace.

Witch Riding a Broom and Full Moon

Plain black tattoo of a witch flying during a red moon.

Wizard of Oz

A Wizard of Oz tattoo with a saying and hourglass.

Glowing Full Moon and Riding Witch

A witch flies past a glowing full moon.

Witch Making Poison

Witch cooking a poison with spider dangling from the hat.

Magic Wand and Broom on Wrists

A magic wand and broomstick on either wrists.

Bats, Witch Riding a Broom and Red Hair

A witch flying with her cat while being followed by bats.

Witch with Painted Face, Glowing Eyes and Purple Poison

Evil witch with glowing eye and poison.


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