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Create Simple 2D animation movie in your Cellphone

Updated on May 1, 2016

Are you addicted to your cellphone?

As you know no one will dare to ask this question in this world, because cellphone has influenced that much in our life. It has become one of our body parts. New updates on the cellphone hardware and software every year opened a window of possibilities in front of the app developers and now they are able make a miniature of most of the software which we are using in our laptops.

I am an android phone lover and always try to explorer new things in my cellphone every day. In spite of finding and installing new games I always try to find new apps which can help me to avoid the usage of Pc’s and laptops.

So many photos editing apps are available in google play store in the same way so many video editing apps are also available. But have you ever thought about a 2D animation app?

Few years back 2D animation software’s were only available for high end laptops and desktops, but the advanced features in android software made the android developers to develop app were we can create 2D animation in our cellphone.

So many 2D animation apps might be available in the store, but the app Flipaclip attracted me the most, even though it had few limitations.

Flipaclip is a 2D animation app in which we can draw cartoons using frame-by-frame animation. The app offers free version and paid version for the end users.

Few Cool features which the app provide

  • Pen, Brush, Pencil and paint bucket are there with size and opacity adjustment.
  • Lasso tool
  • Frames Manager
  • Animation Timeline
  • Onion layer.
  • Pressure sensitive Pen support


  • Does not support Audio

As you know audio has a great role in 2D animation and sadly this feature is currently unavailable in the app, but after exporting the animated movie clip to its respective movie format, you can make use of other video editing software to add audio clip.

Don’t be sad about it, In future app updates we can expect audio feature in the app.

Fun Time

Are you willing to join with me to make a small animation movie in the app?It will help you to discover few hidden features and the tricks which I am using.

So first get the app installed in your cellphone.

Step 1

When you open the app you will get a screen like below. Please press the “+” button to create a new project.

Step 2

Now you will be able to view a pop up window with Project Name, Back ground and Frames per second as shown.

Project name- Give the desired name for your project. Here I am giving “Blast” as the name for my project.

Background- You can select any of the background which you want in your whole movie clip, as I need a white background I am selecting the 3rd one.

Now Frames per second – By default the frame rate will be selected as 12 Fps, which means in one second 12 frames will be flashing in front of you. (I have selected the default frame rate 12 as I can change it in future)

Now hit “CREATE”

Step 3

Now you have the playground for your creative art work.

From the project name itself you might got a small idea what I am going to create today.

It’s nothing but a small blast.

The white portion is my first frame and it can also say as my work area, here I will draw the desired model to get animated.

Please go through the below pics to know what each of the symbols indicate on the either side of your work area.

Step 4

Now I will explain my story board. Yes I mean it.

For every animation there will be a story board as this a small project I will be animation few things here. Don’t know whether it will be a success or not as I am not a professional guy, any way be with me Buddies.

Story Board

First Scene

  • A air pump attached with a balloon.
  • Getting the air pumped in to the balloon.
  • It get blast.

The End.

step 5

Here I will be drawing a pump body in the first layer.

Pump lefter in the second layer.

And the balloon in the third layer.

Step 6

In the second frame of the both 2nd layer and 3rd layer I will make the desired motions. I will repeat the same in the every new frame.

Step 7

After every single change which I make in the animation I used to watch the preview of my animation by clicking the preview button. (Please check the pic in step 3 to know were the preview button is situated)

Step 8

After getting my scene animated, next step is to get the file exported to the desired format. For this click the button which is situated just below the settings button and you will get a pop up menu appeared. (Please check the pic in step 3 to know were the export button is situated)

Here you can give the name of the movie.

Select the desired output format.


Share Please

You can even share the movie clip within the app.


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