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Create Custom Page Designs With Scrapbook Stamps

Updated on March 20, 2011

Scrapbook Stamps Are Great For Creating Personalized Backgrounds

A plain scrapbook page is equivalent to a blank canvas, no matter what type of artist you are: crafter, painter or stamper. Scrapbooking is such a wonderful hobby because it can be done by using a wide range of creative techniques. Scrapbook stamps have gained popularity as they are a great way to add custom patterns on backgrounds with images, letters or numbers. Scrapbook stamps are available in singles or in coordinated sets that can be used over and over again.

Cleaning your scrapbook stamps after each use is important for making them last. Leaving ink on the rubber part can cause the stamp to dry out and crack.

There are an abundance of design choices for acrylic stamps!
There are an abundance of design choices for acrylic stamps!

Experiment With Different Types of Scrapbook Stamps

 There are a few types of stamps that can be used for scrapbooking. The most widely used kind is the rubber stamp. They are usually made with a high quality, durable rubber that is mounted on a wooden block.

Recently, acrylic stamps have become popular due to their transparent quality. The stamp image and the acrylic mount are clear, allowing you to perfectly place the image on your page. However, you'll find that these types of scrapbook stamps are more difficult to keep clean.

Foam stamps are a cheaper alternative to rubber or acrylic stamps, but they are not as durable. They are best when used with acrylic paint for large, solid images. You can even make your own foam stamps, but avoid intricate designs as they will now show very clearly when stamped.

Rubber stamps come in many styles and sizes.
Rubber stamps come in many styles and sizes.

Scrapbook Stamps Come Mounted or Un-mounted

 A mounted stamp comes with an image already attached to a wooden block or handle. They are easy to use and long-lasting, but their bulkiness makes them difficult to store. An un-mounted stamp is held onto an acrylic mount by static cling and can easily be removed and stored in a binder.

Foam stamps can be made at home for custom designs.
Foam stamps can be made at home for custom designs.

Try Different Inks for Different Techniques With Your Scrapbook Stamps

 When rubber stamps were first introduced they were accompanied by just one general-use type of ink. Now, there are a number of stamping inks available for different uses.

Dye-based inks are great because they dry quickly and last a long time. The color they produce is subtle, which is perfect for shadow stamping.

If you're stamping on a non-porous surface such as plastic, glass or metal, then a solvent ink is needed. This ink is fast drying and will last a long time.

The most preferred ink to use in a scrapbook is pigment ink. It is waterproof, fade resistant, lightfast and archival. It does take a bit longer to dry, but you can speed things with the use of a heat gun.

Other inks that are used for special techniques include watermark ink, embossing ink and fabric dyes. For a little less mess, there are also brush markers that can be used to directly apply single or multiple colors to a stamp.

A Look at How to Store Your Scrapbook Stamps

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