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Create Glowing Text with Water Drops Texture and Layer Styles in Photoshop

Updated on December 5, 2015

From this tutorial you will learn how to create Glossy Text with only one beautiful Water Drops Texture and lots of Blending Options.

The Font used is DejaVu Sans of Condensed Bold Oblique Style which is exclusive for Photoshop so you dont’t need to surf the net in search of awesome thick Font. Of course, you can use another Font of your choice but you’ll have to adjust the settings of the layer styles as they depend on the shape and size of the object they are applied on.

The tutorial is suitable for beginners level as I have explained everything in detail and the creation of the Text Effect itself is very simple. In addition to the Blending Options, you are going to use also Free Transform and Clipping Mask which are very easy to be applied.

The Water Drops Texture applied on both the Background and Text is my own photo and unrestricted stock.

This is what you are going to create:


Open your Adobe Photoshop program and create a new .psd file. Name the file Glossy Text. Set the Width to 1000px and Height to 600px. Insert 96 Pixels/Inch for Resolution, then select RGB for Color Mode and Transparent for Background Contents.

Rename Layer 1 to Background then Press Ctrl+G (or go to Layer, Group Layers) to place the Background layer in a Group and call the newly created Group Background too.

Prepare the Background with Inner Shadow and Water Drops Texture

In Steps 2-6 your simple task is firstly to colorize the Background layer, then you will darken its borders with the help of Inner Shadow Layer Style. After that you have to Paste the Water Drops Texture in a new layer and change its Blend Mode to create awesome wet surface.


While Background layer is selected, navigate to the Tools bar and change the Foreground Color to #b0c9c7. When you are ready, grab Paint Bucket tool and drag once on the canvas to colorize it.


Double click on the Background layer's thumbnail. Thus you'll activate the Layer Style box. Check Inner Shadow Layer Style then increase its Opacity to 95%, reduce Distance to 0px and increase Size to 100px. Leave all other default settings unchanged.

This is the Background you’ll get on your canvas after adding Vignette Effect with the help of Inner Shadow.


Click on this Water Drops Texture and when it appears in high res on your screen, right click and select Save Image As. Place it in the folder where your Glossy Text .psd file is. We are going to use this Texture in the next step.


Create a New Layer (Layer, New) above the Background layer and call it Water Drops Texture.

Open in Adobe Photoshop the Water Drops Texture you downloaded in Step 4, press Ctrl+A to load selection then press Ctrl+C to copy it. Go back to your Glossy Text .psd file, verify that Water Drops Texture layer is selected and press Ctrl+V to paste the texture. As the texture is bigger than your canvas, go to Edit, Free Transform and drag a chosen node in inner direction so that to resize the texture to cover your canvas. Press Enter to apply the Transformation.


Change Blend Mode of Water Drops Texture layer to Overlay. With this we completed our Background.

Type the Text, Make two Duplicates and Add Blending Options to All Text Layers

In Steps 7-16 you have to type the Text using thick default Font, then you should duplicate twice its layer and add Shadow, Glow and 3D Effect.


In this step we'll start to create our Glossy Text Effect with Water Texture. Take Horizontal Type tool or press T. Select DejaVu Sans default Font from the Font Family drop down menu. Choose Condensed Bold Oblique from Font Style drop down menu and insert 170pt for Font Size. Choose #f8e1fa for Text Color then type Water with Capital Letters.

When you are ready with typing the Text, select it then click on Toggle the Character and Paragraph Panels icon in your Options bar and Set the Tracking for the Selected Characters to 70-100.

While Water Text layer is selected, press Ctrl+G to put it in a Group and name the new Group Water Text.


Duplicate the Water text layer two times. Reduce Fill Opacity of both Water copy and Water copy 2 layer to 0%.


Go back to the original Water text layer, right click on it and select Blending Options (Layer, Layer Style, Blending Options). Select Drop Shadow Layer Style, reduce its Distance to 0px and increase Size to 25px. Don't change the other settings.

Keep Layer Style dialog box open because we have to add more Blending Options.


The second Layer Style to be applied on the original Water text layer is Outer Glow. Change the Color of Glow to #cde3fc, increase Size to 25px and select Cone-Inverted Contour from the Contour Picker.


Now in order to add 3D effect to our Water text layer, check Bevel and Emboss Layer Style and change the following settings:

Style: Outer Bevel

Depth: 1000%

Size: 13px

Color for Highlight: e9ecff

Color of Shadow: #7c97be

Color of Shadow Opacity: 40%.


The last Layer Style to be added to Water text layer is Contour. Only select Notched Slope-Rounded Contour from the Picker and don't change the other two settings.

You should get the following result after applying Blending Options on the original Water Text layer:


Now select Water copy layer and firstly apply Bevel and Emboss Layer Style. Change the following settings:

Depth: 1000%

Size: 10px

Highlight Mode: Overlay

Color for Highlight: #92cdff

Color for Highlight Opacity: 50%

Color of Shadow: #6ea3be

Color of Shadow Opacity: 60%.


Now check Contour Layer Style and only select Shallow Slope-Valley type of Contour.

Below is shown the outcome you should get after adding 3D Effect to the first copied Text layer:


Now highlight Water copy 2 text layer and apply Bevel and Emboss Layer Style. Change the following settings:

Depth: 225%

Size: 30px

Soften: 3px

Gloss Contour: Rounded Steps

Highlight Mode: Overlay

Color for Highlight: #b6d1ff

Color for Highlight Opacity: 50%

Color of Shadow: #b2c7dc

Opacity: 100%.


Apply also Contour Layer Style on Water copy 2 text layer and change the Contour to Cove-Deep.

This is the result of applying 3D Style on the second copied Text layer:

Blend the Text with the Water Drops Texture

You will finish your work on this awesome Text Effect with adding again the same Water Drops Texture which we have already used for the Background. To make it blending with the Text, you have to apply Clipping Mask only.


Create a New Layer between Water and Water copy layer in Water Text group and name it Water Drops Texture 2.

Copy the same Water Drops Texture that we used for the Background and Paste it in this new layer then resize it using Edit, Free Transform to make it cover your text.


Now right click on Water Drops Texture 2 layer and select Create Clipping Mask.


This is how your whole text will look after applying the Clipping Mask. Our work is done.

You should have the following two groups and layers in Layers panel:

  1. Background group with two layers in it: Background and Water Drops Texture
  2. Water Text group which includes these four layers: Water, Water Drops Texture 2 layer, Water copy and Water copy 2 layer.


This is how our Glossy Text with water drops looks saved in .jpg format.

Hope you liked this short tutorial and enjoyed it. Good luck and have fun! :)


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    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 2 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      Thank you very much for the nice comment, Peter :)

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 2 years ago from Australia

      Thanks so much for a very detailed description for making Water Drops ! I will see how I go using PSelements ?

    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 2 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      Thank you very much for the support, Michael! God bless! :)

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 2 years ago

      Convincing demonstration... Just a blessing you are CorneliaMladenova.

      Peace with us.

    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 2 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      Thank you very much for reading my tut :)

    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 2 years ago from Fresno CA

      Very nice water text. Love it. So you make a photo clipping mask on top of the photo. Sweet effect. Thanks.