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Tutorial for Creating a Nice Blending Effect in Photoshop

Updated on April 23, 2014

Beauty on a Scroll

Have a look at the below image. Please scroll down to see the tutorial. I have a girl's image and a Canvas Scroll with me to create this effect.

Beauty on a Scroll
Beauty on a Scroll
Canvas Roll
Canvas Roll

Isolating the Image

1. Open the image with Photoshop. I suggest you to use the picture of a girl. You are welcome to use the images shown here.

2. Use the Zoom Tool (the tool with the icon of a magnifying glass) to magnify the image so that you can cut the image more precisely. Here I have used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to cut the image. By default the Polygonal Lasso Tool lies behind the Lasso Tool. Simply hold you mouse button on the little arrow until the fly-out menu appears that shows the additional Lasso Tools.

How to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool:


*Press and hold the Space Bar to activate the Hand Tool so that you can move through the image.

*If you made a mistake in selecting a point in the wrong spot, simply press the Backspace button.

Moving the selection to the Canvas

Hope you have completed the selection. Now open the Canvas and move the selection to the Canvas using the Move Tool. See the below Screenshot.

Moving the Image

Resizing the Image

Use the Free Transform Tool (Press Ctrl + T) to re-size the image according to the Canvas Size. Press and hold the Shift key while re-sizing the image.

Now I am moving the image towards the right edge of the canvas so that it would merge with the Roll.

Blending Options

Go to the Layers Palette and right click on the image layer to get the Blending Options. (If you are unable to see the Layers palette, click on the "Window" menu and select Layers). You can adjust the various blending options and give the image a final touch. Here I have changed the Opacity to 53%.

Blending Options


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    • nasirul profile image

      nasirul 4 years ago

      Very beautiful image