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Creating Custom Printed T Shirt Designs For T Shirt Printing

Updated on June 27, 2011

Give Up The Plain Shirts

T Shirt Printing By You

T shirt printing is a good way for groups to show they belong together. This practice is most often seen in companies and sports teams having printed t shirts for everyone as part of any sports event or company outing. These events are often held during summer when the weather is perfect for playing in the field with friends and colleagues. It is also during summer that the t shirt printing business is booming satisfyingly.

T shirt printing normally earns a higher income from custom printed t shirts made specifically for sports or company events. The orders are usually in large numbers and the t shirt designs are custom printed. To create these custom printed t shirt designs, the clients have two choices: have these designs created for them for a fee by an artist, or have someone from the group create the design using any imaging software.

If the team or the company decides to hire an artist or a professional graphic designer to design their custom printed t shirts, then they will have to spend more for the t shirt printing project. One advantage of this option is that an expert has created the design they wanted custom printed on t shirts. Another advantage is the value the t shirt acquires because of the design, especially when the artist is relatively well known and admired for his work.

T Shirt Printing Can Be A Hobby

Hire An Artist Or Do Your Own T Shirt Printing

However, if they decide to use the skills of someone from their group, then they get to spend less. An advantage of this option is that the design they wanted is what they will surely get, even when it looks sloppily done, or at the least, corny.

Most often than not, the group usually chooses the second option. The steps in creating the design and printing it are simple. Any imaging software will do for the creation of the t shirt’s design. All that is required are the artistic and technical skills to manipulate the image using the computer. Once the group is satisfied with the way the design looks, then it is time to print it.

T Shirt Screen Printing

Direct-To-Garment Or Traditional Screen Printing?

There are two ways to create the custom printed t shirts. One is through direct-to-garment printing, which is the newest technology available in the t shirt printing. This simply uses a specially manufactured printer, which uses textile ink, to imprint the design directly on the fabric. After going through the press, so to speak, each t shirt is exposed to intense heat to cure the design.

Another method is through traditional t shirt screen printing, which uses a polymer mesh with a stenciled image of the design on it. The ink is then pushed through the screen using a squeegee. T shirt printing companies now use a rotary machine to print multicolor designs.

Have A T Shirt With Your Own Style

Plastisol Ink or Water-Based Ink For T Shirt Printing?

Another issue in t shirt printing is the question of either using plastisol inks or water-based inks. Modern types of water-based inks, unlike before, are now as vibrant looking and long lasting as plastisol inks. Although they are environment friendly, water based inks may be more expensive because they do not last in storage well and may not be reusable once they are contaminated.

Plastisol inks, on the other hand, do not clog the mesh and will not dry up even when exposed to air for a long time. They also undergo a shorter “curing” period under intense heat because they do not have water in them.

Ultimately, the decision to use either type of ink, however, lies on the type of custom printed t shirt design the group wanted. If they wanted a soft, flat feel of the design, then water-based inks are the best choice. If they wanted a design with a heavier hand that feels rubbery to the touch, then plastisol inks should be their ink of choice.

These are just three of the many decisions clients need to address when ordering t shirts from t shirt printing companies. The option of using plastisol or water-based ink, or selecting direct-to-garment or traditional screen printing. If you are the Martha Stewart type and want to save on costs, doing the t shirt printing yourself may be a good option.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article! I do busines with Wordans. They ofer DGT and screenprinting. I suggest to anyone to try them.

    • Zainejaz profile image


      7 years ago from Quetta

      very informative I really like it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      T-shirt customization is quite common especially in a company environment. Some do it for anniversary or any special event.

      I've used to tailor made my plain t-shirt, turned them into my favorite cartoon and character. This makes my t-shirt to be recycled and wear back.

    • profile image

      Custom T-Shirts 

      8 years ago

      Are you looking for a t-shirt? Check out some cool and attractive designs at and get one of your choice…here you can also customize a design that suits you the best and matches your personality…Just don’t wait, start clicking and order one for yourself


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