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Creating Shattered Glass Marbles in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on October 19, 2014

Making a shattered glass marble does not require a special glass lab or even prior glass-making talents. All you need are a few household items, glass marbles, a little time, and five easy steps. The final result is a glass marble perfect for placing in jewelry. Take it further to make many marbles and showcase the results in vases or bottles. The possibilities are endless!

You will need:

  • Glass marbles
  • Bowl of ice
  • Oven (one capable of reaching 500 degrees F)
  • Baking pan or tin
  • ~30 minutes of time

Begin with the Correct Marble

The most beautiful marble on the market is not always the best to work with. When choosing a marble for shattering make sure they are one solid piece of glass. Check for cracks and fractures. Avoid marbles which have several separate glass pieces merged into one. Any weakness in the marble make it more likely it will crack apart than shatter together.

Consider the clarity and color of the marbles too. The look of shattered glass is stunning in marbles with clear, light colors. When the light hits they stand out completely. Cat's eye glass marbles are another beautiful option. Don't be afraid to try a variety of colors and sizes.

50 Glass Marbles

50 Pieces (Approx.) Glass Marbles Set for Party Favor Decoration Fish & Aquatic Tank , Each Decorative Marble Diameter 1.0 Inch (25mm)
50 Pieces (Approx.) Glass Marbles Set for Party Favor Decoration Fish & Aquatic Tank , Each Decorative Marble Diameter 1.0 Inch (25mm)

Marbles can run pricey at craft stores so an easy way to get what you want for a great price is via Amazon. The marbles used in this Hub were almost all simple decorative pieces. No need to go expensive!


1. Pre-Heat Oven to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Pre-heat the oven to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The secret behind easily creating shattered marbles is a proper balance between hot and cold. This is why pre-heating is so important. Wait until the oven is fully heated before proceeding to step 2.

While You Wait...Prep the Marbles

While the oven pre-heats place marbles in a clean baking pan or tin.In the picture the marbles are each placed in a separate muffin tin compartment. This is completely optional and was done as a precaution in case a marble or two cracked during heating. The pieces could easily be removed before the marbles hit the ice.

2. Bake Marbles for Twenty Minutes

After the oven finishes pre-heating pop the marble tin into the oven. Set the timer for twenty minutes. This creates a good time balance for the marbles to heat. Not hot enough and they may not crack when hitting the ice.

3. Prepare the Ice Bath

While the marbles bake prepare the shatter ice bath. Add water to the ice cubes. Give ample time to ensure the water will be very very cold. There should be enough water for the marbles to be in the liquid but not so much it makes the ice disappear.

If you plan on doing a second batch of marbles then make sure to always keep the water icy icy cold. Hot marbles in warm water are not going to give the beautiful shatter effect, if you get any effect at all. Remember: The water must be extremely cold for the marble to properly shatter.

4. Drop Marbles into Ice Bath

Drop Marbles into Ice Bath

Once marbles are done baking carefully take the tin and immediately dump them into the ice bath. Important! If the glass cools down to much it will not crack when it hits the water so make sure to transfer them right away! If you are worried about the potential for shattered glass or water splashing then safety glasses are recommended.

5. Remove Your New Shattered Marbles!

Wait thirty seconds or so before going after your new marbles. During this time double check to make sure none of the marbles have broken apart. You do not want to unknowingly stick your hand into a bowl filled with glass shards!

If all has gone well when you reach down you should pull up a newly stunning marble of shattered glass! Dry each of them off carefully. Take a moment to admire before getting creative.

Take a moment to admire before getting creative. Use the marbles in jewelry. Fill vases with them. The possibilities are endless and all it took were five easy steps.

Looking at Glass: A Guide to Terms, Styles, and Techniques
Looking at Glass: A Guide to Terms, Styles, and Techniques

Glass is more complex than we imagine. This makes it the perfect medium for so many different techniques. If the shattered glass marbles piqued your interest this book will give you a look into what glass really means.


FAQ & Shattered Marble Help Guide

I heated the marbles and poured them in the ice bath. Only nothing happened!

  • Double check your temperatures. Make sure you have allowed for full pre-heating before putting in the marbles to ensure they reach a high heat point. Look at your ice bath. Is the water cold or ice cold? Always make sure to have lots of ice in the water. Also take care to take the marbles from the oven directly to the ice bath. Do not let them cool down in between.

My marbles keep cracking instead of shattering.

  • The issue may be with the marble. Make sure to do a quick overview of a marble before beginning. If there are clear cracks or other obvious issues the chance for breakage signficantly increases. You don't need to buy uber expensive marbles just ones which are in good condition.


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    • Kalafina profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you! I loved how easy it was but how awesome it looks. I think I may make it into a necklace.

    • Solaras profile image


      4 years ago

      The marbles are beautiful - thank you for sharing! Voted Interesting and thumbs up!


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