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Creating a three dimensional heart in photoshop by Hughes Design Create

Updated on November 11, 2011
Detail of sky randomly generated.
Detail of sky randomly generated. | Source

Design Create

Today was very challenging getting through the design. I got about a third or more through my upcoming "Mary Christmas" design; and then it was 9 pm. Really too late to finish. So I switched gears and made the following design. It came out of my knowledge that the cloud tutorial I followed the other day would probably mesh well with a heart. The cloud tutorial can be found here. It is very specific, and I'm looking forward to exploring some of the other tutorials offered on there. In particular I like the tutorial because it has easy to follow and complete directions, including showing exactly where to put the sliders and which buttons to press. Highly recommended; and I couldn't have made the design without it. The only drawback is that the clouds randomly generated, and so, in the picture to the right, I would have made the nascent dragon shape (lower left area) come to life a little more. Still in all, I'm very happy with it.

Feel free to use this solid blue heart however you want.
Feel free to use this solid blue heart however you want. | Source

Getting a Heart

Photoshop has a heart shape in it's custom shape tool, and if you look, there are a couple to choose from. I used this video tutorial here (not in English - but I just followed along, it was easy). Instead of red, my heart is blue to begin with; and when it was done it looked like the one to the right. With it in the top layer, I just messed with the opacity, and then took to it with the replace color tool while the color being replaced was selected. That way I got crisp greens and blues in the final project. Additionally, I went after it with a brush set to a blue color (with the green parts selected so they wouldn't be affected). I had the brush set to opacity of about 20% so that multiple passes were necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Final Design

Abstract Earth Merges with a Heart.
Abstract Earth Merges with a Heart. | Source

Final Result

The whole process took about an hour, so I'm able to finish up Hughes Design/Create at an earlier time than I would have, had I pursued "Mary". She'll be out later this coming week or weekend. Photoshop is a really fun program, and there are lots of great tutorials on the web. I'm still really an amateur, so I defer you to the how to websites linked to above. The design is, like my other ones, available on cafepress. If you want this heart done up with specific color combinations, please let me know; I'm planning on making a few variations on it later this coming week. My goal is to start making multiple designs everyday, rather than just one. Then, I'll include them in a hub like this one, so that you can read about them, my inspiration process, random thoughts along the way; and most importantly see them. I'm totally open to suggestions about things to design, so shoot me a note, and I might be able to do it. I hope you've enjoyed today's edition, and hope you are well and happy. Peace on Earth!


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