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How to Make an Alphabet (ABC) Book with your Toddler

Updated on April 23, 2012

Learning the alphabet is one of your child's first steps on the road to academia. And as a new parent, we can get caught up in our desires for our children to excel. This can make teaching our children the alphabet seem a rather daunting task. But just keep in mind that toddlers are like little sponges just waiting to soak up knowledge from the world around them. As a fun activity to help you get started or in addition to your other learning activities try creating an alphabet book with your child.

Alphabet books are a fun learning tool for your children because they are full of pictures of themselves and people they know. This means your child will be more eager to look at the book again and again.

The books are actually fairly straight forward to make. Choose a picture for each letter of the alphabet. (I have included some ideas below.) Then mat each picture on brightly colored acid free paper.

Choose a coordinating or matching color from which to cut out large letters for each picture. (I would recommend at least three inches tall.) Brighter colors will help draw your child's eye away from the picture and to the letter. Print the word you are using to describe the picture in a large simple font. (I would recommend Ariel in 18 to 24 font size.) Mat the word in a color that coordinates with or matches the color mat for the picture.

Then paste the picture, word and letter to a scrapbook page. Keep the pages consistent. If the picture is slightly right of center with the letter in the upper left and the word centered on the page below the picture then maintain that layout. (Mirroring the layout on opposite pages is acceptable.)

Picture Ideas


Your child with an apple

Your child playing with animals

Your child's aunt(s)


Your child taking a bath

Your child playing ball

Your child looking at birds


Your child petting the cat

Your child playing with a group of children

Your child playing with or ride in a car


Your child's father (dad)

Your child petting a dog

Your child in a diaper


Your child or the family eating

Your child playing with an Elmo toy

A close-up of your child's eye


A picture of the whole family

Your child playing with or on a farm

A close-up of your child's feet


Your child's grandparents

Your child opening or giving gifts

A picture of a sister, female cousin or other girl relative


Your house

A close-up of your child's hand

Your child playing with a hamster


Your child eating ice cream

Your child ice skating

Your child catching insects


Your child jumping

Your child eating jam or jelly

Your child holding a Jack-o-lantern


Your child dressed as a knight or a king

Your child flying a kite

Your child playing with keys


Your child turning on a light

Your child visiting the library

Your child playing on the lawn


Your child's mother

Your child "mowing" the lawn

Your child drinking milk


Your child's nana

Your child at night

Your child during nap time


Your child eating oranges, Oreos or oatmeal

Your child at the zoo with owls, octupus or ostriches

You child next to the oven


Your child's pants

Your child's pillow

Your child painting


Your child wrapped in a quilt

Your child dressed as a queen

Your child holding a quarter


Your child wearing a raincoat

Your child running a race

Your child eating raisins


Your child building a snowman

Your child sleeping

Your child's shoe


Your child in a tree

Your child playing with a train

Your child playing with or riding in a truck


Your child's uncle(s)

Your child under an umbrella

Your child with a unicorn toy


Your child playing with or riding in a van

Your child "vacuuming"

Your child's valentine


Your child eating watermelon

Your child playing with wheels or a wagon

You child wearing a watch


Your child playing with a child's xylophone


Your child yawning or yelling

Your child playing in the yard

Your child playing with a yo-yo


Your child playing with or looking at a zebra

Your child at the zoo

Your child zipping a zipper

 Allow your child to help create the book and they will attach more importance to it.  After you've narrowed down the picture choice ask your child which pictures they would prefer.  (I wouldn't give them more than two options and probably only for a few letters.  Toddlers, after all, have very short attention spans.)

After you've chosen the pictures have your child help you match the pictures to the appropriate letter.  Then they can help find the right word to match to the pictures.

This idea can also be modified for use with older children.  When your child is ready to start reading you can create a simple personal story.  Rhyming text works best.  Or if the idea of creating rhyming verse is a little daunting try creating a simple dictionary.  If you choose a scrapbook that allows you to insert pages you can even convert your alphabet book into a dictionary as your child gets older.

Enjoy your time bringing your toddler into the world of acadamia.  They grow up so fast.


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    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      5 years ago from Hammond

      Great hub.

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 

      7 years ago from Carmichael, California

      Amazing Hub, I can already see all of the fun my family and myself are going to have. Thank you

    • Joy M profile imageAUTHOR

      Joy M 

      9 years ago from Sumner, Washington

      My daughter has a couple "books" about her now and she loves reading them.

    • jmcc profile image


      9 years ago from North Carolina

      Great idea! I'm going to do one for my toddler!

    • Joy M profile imageAUTHOR

      Joy M 

      9 years ago from Sumner, Washington

      Thank you. My daughter loves doing "projects" so I'm always trying to come up with something.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      what an awesome idea - thank you! You seem like a very creative and fun person.

    • LondonGirl profile image


      9 years ago from London

      This is a fantastic idea - I'm going to do one for my son!

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 

      9 years ago from United States

      Very nice idea! I'm bookmarking it to send to my son for my newest granddaughter in Hong Kong.


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