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Creating custom printed clothing. T-shirts and more. For fun, personal, & silly.

Updated on May 2, 2012

I wanted to buy something special, something custom.

A few months before Christmas, I decided to purchase a few custom designed T-shirts for my friends. I visited a few shops that do this and all that they need is a picture(s), The text you want, font style, and layout. I had one of the shirts done, pretty much on the spot. It was pretty good but it just wasn't funny enough.

After arriving home, I decided to use my computer program(s) to produce the pictures and text that I wanted. It was going to be great. I worked on the first shirt printing for over 4 hours. Then fixed it up a bit more the next day. My wife laughed so much she had to leave the room. She couldn't believe that I was going to make this T-Shirt for my best friend Rob.

First, it began with a full blown picture of him on what would be his upper right chest facing the left side. You see, the picture I was going to use was one from when he had a mullet. (80's style hair do) We were a real Rock n' Roll bunch. We went to so many concerts in our teen years that I can't even recall them all. (for more reasons than kids?!#?) Anyway, my bud Rob still continues to go to concerts all the time. It's like he is gone to one every few weeks. With a family, I just don't know where the money comes from but then, it's not about me. Again, anyway, I wanted to make him a Rock n' Roll T-Shirt that he could wear to all the concerts that he goes to. The only thing is that the pic on the front and back would be him... The pic on the back would be him as of now... No mullet now, just a very thin top and still a few curls. (lol)

Now the text that would go with the front and back pics would need to be a few different things.

  • Every Group he has ever gone to see...
  • Starting from the earliest and heaviest on the front to the latest (including country) on the back.
  • Two tone color to make each stand out.
  • Funny inserts like this example.

Kick Axe, Rye, Helix, Skooch, Quiet Riot, Weed, & the Scorpions - 1987.... I think?

Now that was a great concert let me tell you. But, by the time the Scorpions took the stage, well, we hardly remembered them. Thus, the way I was going to put it on the t-Shirt.

I thought my friend Rob would just laugh at such a concert T-Shirt. And I'll tell you what he did in a minute, keep reading...

When I had finally finished creating the image with text I was exhausted and slept very well that night.

The next evening, my wife suggested that I look online to see if I could find a site that creates custom T-Shirts. To keep a long explanation short, I found a good one. In fact, I found that the site had a great Java program to allow you to create your own T-Shirts and other material. I began to research the site, I liked what I was reading. Then, I found that I could become a seller for the company. I finished creating my T-Shirt for Rob ordered it, and bookmarked the site.

Just over 2 weeks later, I received the shirt in the mail. Fantastic, I wish I had saved my pics of it.

Rob laughed and laughed. And you know what the best part is... he wears it to every concert he goes to. He has been asked about it by other concert goers, he just laughs and show them the back of the T-Shirt and says Read the main caption.... I used quotes just above his pic on the back that says.

" I'm Rock and Roll Rob

the ultimate fan..."

People asked him where he got the T-Shirt and he tells them to go to my site.

That's right, my site. I liked the T-Shirt so much that I became a seller with my own site. Just go to the link to the right. I have had alot of success with this site. Over 3000 hits to date and over 65 sales. Thanks to all my customers.

The pic on the site is a photo of another T-Shirt that I created.

"Hard work will pay off later....

... laziness

pays off now!!!

I put up a pic to the right, Dave was actually wearing it when I took the pic.

I made my wife a Hoodie with a faded out black and white of our 3 daughters.

I've made 10 different custom designs now. Ususally just text. Now I made a few different custom designs and uploaded them on my site. You can actually view any of the other designs that other wordan designers have made. You can use them as they are or as a template and add to it.

Give it a try...

Wow, thank you so much for all your hits to my site. I am thrilled by your response. As of today June 12th I have had over 2200 hits. This was to be just an addition to all of the things that I do so I lowered some of the prices overall because of all the orders that I have received. Guess you could say that I want you to enjoy it more for less.

High quality T-shirts

At Tees4You, we like to make and wear t-shirts of irreproachably good quality. that's why our products are made with merchandise from some of the best clothing companies. we share with them the same values, the same requirements:

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Our method involves printing the designs with ink directly onto the cotton, guaranteeing a high-quality product that is durable even after several washes. we simply guarantee you the best printing technology yet, with an unlimited choice of colors, produced with biodegradable and non-toxic materials.


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