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Creative Diary II

Updated on August 20, 2011
AFTER | Source
The pole lamp before...
The pole lamp before... | Source
Before I stuffed the center with poly-fill
Before I stuffed the center with poly-fill | Source
The top before I sewed it together.
The top before I sewed it together. | Source
Me sewing it by hand
Me sewing it by hand | Source
Completely stuffed.
Completely stuffed. | Source
The top after I sewed it together.
The top after I sewed it together. | Source
Let the painting begin!
Let the painting begin! | Source
Further Along
Further Along | Source
More paint ??? yeah why not...
More paint ??? yeah why not... | Source
almost done
almost done | Source
Backside | Source
Front side sparkle
Front side sparkle | Source
Backside again
Backside again | Source

For years I wanted a dress form. Not because I was going to make a dress but because, I have a studio and it seemed appropriate to have a dress form in my creative space. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was always looking for that perfect dress form, a combination of antique and design. I never found what I wanted. One thing about me is that if I think I can make something, I won’t buy it. This logic has talked me out of everything from paintings to purses. If I can make it and I want it bad enough, eventually I will make it. The dress form is not any different.

I was packing my office to move to another location when I realized that I still had a broken pole lamp. The lamp was broken during the previous move it broke the globe and broke the wires inside rendering this lamp useless. As I was moving things from one location to another I knew that the company I work for would throw the lamp out, in fact I was on my way to the trash when I realized I could make something out of this pole. It was a sturdy base and pole. At first I had no idea what I was going to do with it, then after weeks of staring at the stripped lamp I got an idea.

The idea was to create a dress form out of canvas and paint it like a canvas. I gutted all the unusable wires out of the pole, I cut out the pieces of the form, none of these were measured, I simply had thought about how I was going to do this so long that I knew. I sewed the pieces together by hand then put cardboard in the bottom to create the circulars effect. Next; cut a T-slit through the bottom, slid the whole form onto the pole, then stuffed the entire thing. Once it was stuffed I sewed the top closed.

My son had used some of the canvas as a drop cloth so there were spots of paint on the canvas; I painted the canvas with acrylic paint. Last I went over some of the paint with fine glitter. I will admit this style is not for everyone. Really a person could paint this any color or use any design. I call it “dreams of my soul”. If my soul were painted I think it would be colorful, interesting, and imperfect.


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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Beautiful Hub and pics

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