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Creative Ideas And Crafts For Using Left-Over Wallpaper

Updated on March 4, 2013

Wallpaper decal cutouts

Wallpaper fan

Wallpaper Gift Wrap

Wallpaper Wrapped Storage Boxes

Wallpaper Stationary

Wallpaper wall art

Wallpaper Crafts

by Candace

Maybe you have wallpapered your house and ended up with left-overs, but you hate to throw it away and waste it. Wallpaper is expensive, you might as well get all the use you can out of it. Here are a few ideas. Please leave comments and share your own ideas as well.

Wall decals: It is very pretty to cut out the pictures from your wallpaper and paste them different places for added accents. For example: Say you have room with a romantic Victorian scenes in the print with roses cascading blending the theme. Cut out neatly and paste irregular scenes on the painted part of the wall, like around a mirror or circling the toilet roll holder. It is also pretty to decal on Kleenex box holders and even cabinets.The-unique thing about decals is it gives your room a theme and detail. If your border and wallpaper has a cowboy and horse theme create a stampede scene.

Wallpaper Fans: I have seen where leftover wallpaper made a beautiful fan to match the interiors. Just fold the wallpaper like your making a paper fan, tie the bottom with a ribbon or craft wire. Add beautiful flowers and fillers with hot glue and accent with a ribbon bow.You also can trim the edges with lace. This will look beautiful in your home , office or would make a lovely decoration for weddings, banquets or showers. Note: You can also make a wallpaper butterfly with pipe cleaners.

Gift Wrap: Yes, wallpaper makes gorgeous quality gift wrap. It works really well if the package has to be moved around allot, it won't get holes and wrinkles so easy.

Storage Boxes: Need more storage? Try wrapping cardboard boxes with wallpaper. It makes it pretty and more sturdy and gives you more room to hide your treasures. You can also use an empty Crystal Lite or coffee can and wrap them with the paper or decals for pencil holders or candy jars ect. This is inexpensive storage solutions that can look classy while you are re-purposing.

Drawer Liner: Line your cabinet drawers with wallpaper, it will be durable and attractive background.

Create A Framed Art : Cut out significant details from your wallpaper and paste them to poster board or scrap-booking paper and cut to fit frame. Try a matted frame and you will have a gorgeous picture. Even better try personalizing it with a picture of a friend or family member and give as a gift or use as room décor.

Create Greeting Cards: Use your wallpaper scraps for greeting cards or homemade Valentines. Create your own stationary.

Scrap booking: Cut out pictures for scrap-booking accents.

Ebay: Sell your remaining wallpaper on eBay or cut out accents and sell them as wallpaper cutouts.

Children: Give your scraps to your kids for craft time. You never know what they might create:.)

Cover the ugly: Do you have something that is an eye-sore in your home, try creating a wallpaper makeover. Example: Maybe you have ugly end tables but you don't want to use cloths; just cut to the shape of the table and tack down then have some glass cut to shape the table and place on top. You can also place a doily before covering with glass. This will give you a unique look that is sure to flatter your décor with compliments. Covering a lamp shade with wallpaper can be a unique accent as well.

Keep it just in case: You never know when you might need to replace some damaged wallpaper so keep some just in case your kids decide to peel it off or add their designs with a permanent marker:.)

Thrift Store: If you just don't want to mess with it at all donate it to a thrift store, somebody might see it and be relieved since they threw theirs away and had none to replace the damages.

Don't Waste.... Be Creative!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Some really fun ideas here but I'm still looking! I have a half bath off my kitchen, kitchen is done rustic Italian. We papered bathroom with vines & fruit, sounds odd in a bathroom but looks really good and we used the extra to make border for the hallway that ties into the kitchen. I'd like to tie the paper into the kitchen on something...if anyone has any ideas Please let me know..something tasteful?

    • profile image

      best wallpaper collection 

      8 years ago

      it will help me and other as well. good i will rate this hub expose to other.

    • Simplest Notions profile image

      Simplest Notions 

      9 years ago from McKinney, TX

      I love some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Many nice and varied tips..thanks! I hate to waste!


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