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Creative Options Grab & Go for Craft Organization Containers, Bead Storage Solutions

Updated on November 15, 2015

Grab N Go System

Creative Options Grab N Go
Creative Options Grab N Go | Source

Creative Options is an Innovator in Craft Organization

The Grab N Go Storage system is a great way for creative people to store their craft items. The Creative options storage system is wonderful for bead storage, sewing supplies, jewelry crafts, scrapbook crafts, and a variety of other uses.

It can be used as a caddy for carry crafts from one location to another or as a small storage solution in a craft room or storage closet. There are many styles and sizes available so it is wise to review what sort of craft and projects the person looking at the system will be using it for.

Each Grab and Go comes with handy plastic storage drawers in different sizes to fit various sizes of craft supplies. This is an excellent resource for sorting beads and storing them in different containers. The individual utility boxes can be easily removed for those times you don't want to carry the entire contents around with you.

Creative options is creative when it comes to craft organization and storage. This line of storage containers are functional, creative, and affordable. Whether you knit, sew, crochet, bead, make jewelry, stitch or scrap, the Creative Options goal is to keep your craft storage covered and organized.

Because many craft participants dabble in more than one craft the Creative Options is designed to organize several different crafts.

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Creative Options - Storage and Organization for Crafts

A Variety of Storage Options

The Creative Options Storage Containers come with a variety of options and sizes to help organize your crafts.

The Multi-Rack System four different utility boxes in two different sizes. A compartmentalized top access and storage on lid. A large bulk storage area and a easy carry handle for portability. Great for storing small tools, pins, sewing items, beads, thread and miscellaneous craft supplies.

The Vineyard Collection Large 3 Rack System includes two deep and one standard 3700 series utility boxes. A bulk top storage, and clear front door for easy viewing. Great for beads, and large storage.

Creative Options Portable Bead and Embellishment Tower Organizer contains six round, self-contained, compartmental accessory boxes. Six round shelves, three on each side, and a easy carry handle for portability.

There is also a tote bag, tray box, 4-by rack system, sewing and storage box, variety of craft tubs, and a variety of craft totes in different shapes and sizes depending on the need of the craft.

There are so many storage options available with the Grab N Go System that the individual should review their needs before purchasing. Many craft stores carry these items but the prices seem to be better online.

Whatever your needs are it is good to organize your crafts and store them in a neat and protected environment away from children and pets. This not only protects your craft supplies but also protects your family members from small and sharp objects.

When looking for storage items decided what type of supplies you will be storing in these containers before making a decision.


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