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Cremation Jewellery Made From The Bones Of Humans, Human Bone Gothic Churchyard Jewellery

Updated on December 14, 2015
Hands Off
Hands Off

Cremation jewellery, making fashionable accessories from human bones.

The fashion industry has taken another macabre twist after news emerged that fashion conscious people have a new fad to amuse themselves with.

After the dust had settled down on the Cremation Diamond, where your dearly departeds' ashes are ground down to create a diamond, a new craze is about to sweep the nation, Cremation Jewellery, occasionally referred to as gothic jewellery.

This is where legally bought human bones are connected together to form necklaces and used in other types of jewellery to adorn the shoulders of some of the worlds most prolific , if yet freakish, celebrities and their fans.

Buying and Selling Bones

It is legal to possess human bones at home in the USA, obviously if you can prove that you have not killed a person, eaten them, and then used the bones to make money. Buying and selling bones whether for medical uses or making bone jewellery has been going on for years, apparently.

Most of the bones used prior to 1987 were prepared in India through sources which are meant to be legal. China took over supplying human bones until 2008. Since China bowed out of the market, no other country has stepped in to fill the void. That means that bone jewellery will become more scarce and the prices are set to rocket.

Making jewellery from human bones is about to become a very profitable profession.

Gothic Jewelery

The macabre fashion sense of the Gothic community is buzzing at this new phenomena. Gothic jewelry or churchyard jewellery as this type of fashion accessory has been called, has become a huge hit across the USA. The fingers provide the most useful type of bone for the unique bone jewellery.

The smaller bones can be carved into virtually any shape, similar to ivory, or can be used whole to create a masterpiece of uniqueness. Each item of bone jewelry is a one off, as each bone is different which can only increase their future value.

Real human bones jewelry is advertised in the gothic communities through various magazines and year on year the prices have been rising .

Churchyard Jewelry Prices

A simple finger earring ( pictured ) will set you back a paltry $40, whilst the cross necklace on a 14" chain can be up to nearly $200. The fingertip necklace commands a price of £330 whilst a simple yet gory tooth on a chain will set you back $170.

Other Macabre Ways To Use The Dead

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