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Cricut Cartridges for Kids

Updated on October 18, 2010

Do You Love to Craft With Your Children?

Do you love to craft with your children? If so, you may be glad to know that there are Cricut cartridges that your children will really like!

My boys, five and thirteen, like to spend time with me in my craft room, and they are especially intrigued with my die cut machine. Maybe because it is a technological piece of equipment - they feel at home with it, because it reminds them of all their gadgets and gizmos. In fact, my Cricut Gypsy looks a bit like a Playstation PSP or Nintendo DSI. Yes, mom can have toys too!

Anyway, I thought today I would talk about the cartridges that specially appeal to children. So, here goes...

Paper Dolls Dress Up and Everyday Paper Dolls

Admittedly, the Everyday Paper Dolls and Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridges are not my boys' first choice, but I do know other children that love the paper doll die cuts that can be made with these two cartridges. They are fun to dress up and personalize, from skin color to hair color to the shoes to the little paper accessories that can be put in their hands. This one is fun not only for kids, but for adults too!

Mini Monsters

What's not to love about monsters!  These ones are hiding in your Cricut machine, and not under the bed, so kids love them.  Another great feature of this cart are the paper containers that you can make.

Once Upon a Princess

We talked about monsters - now it's time to talk about princesses!  This cart is similar to the two paper dolls cartridges, except instead it's a princess that needs to be dressed up.   You can even use this cart to make prince and princess crowns, as well as wands and a 3D castle. 

More Cricut Cartridges for Kids

For older girls, check out the Rock Princess cartridge.  It makes die cuts of electric guitars and mp3 players, as well as paper princesses that are rocking out! 

For more boy cartridges, take a look at Dinosaur Tracks, Robotz, and the Old West Font cartridge.

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Do You Love to Scrapbook and Craft with Your Children? If so, tell us about your favorite tools...

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